How to Plan a Vacation Wardrobe

Tips for planning a vacation wardrobe

Hey! I'm on vacation this week! We're traveling with Lisa and her family to the cherry festival in Michigan, which got me thinking about planning for travel and packing your wardrobe for vacation-ing times. Here are some of my top tips for planning and packing your vacation wardrobe:

1. Pack items that can do double-duty, like a good pair of jeans! 
They can be dressed up or down, cuffed as capris or rolled down for full coverage, depending on the weather or activity. Check out my previous post all about denim and footwear choices, to create a variety of different styling options!

2. Have at least one "dressier" item, just in case. 
You never know... you might find yourself out at a nice restaurant or gathering. You don't want to feel out of place in shorts and flip-flops, so be prepared! Even a simple t-shirt dress can be made to look more dressy for evening (check my t-shirt dress post for details!), plus it's one of those "double-duty" items I talked about in #1 above!

3. Don't forget about sun protection! 
Bring sunblock, a floppy hat, big shades, and even a parasol for blocking the harsh sun! Especially if you happen to be a major sun-avoider, like me. :)

4. Comfortable footwear is of utmost importance.
Be sure that the shoes that you bring are comfortable and already broken in! Vacationing tends to mean a lot of walking, typically more than usual. Nothing is worse than aching feet, or even worse, a blister! Pack at least one pair of sneaker-style shoes, a comfortable pair of flats (like ballet flats), and a pair of sandals/flip flops for trips to the pool or short walks. Oh, and make sure that you bring socks appropriate to the footwear, like footies for your ballet flats.

5. Lay out your outfits ahead of time, to make sure that you've accounted for everything.
Underwear and bras? Check. Socks? Check. Jewelry? Check. Nothing's worse than arriving at your destination to discover that you forgot hair ties or underwear. Doh! But don't freak out completely - most destinations have a Target or other similar shopping center nearby. You can always go and buy missing items if need be... but isn't it so much better to remember them in the first place?

6. Pick a purse/handbag that leaves your hands free.
With all of that walking around, you don't want to be carrying around your cute bowler/doctor bag by the handle all day. Find a bag that you can wear cross-body style, or even skip the purse altogether in favor of a backpack! You'll be so much more comfortable.

7. Consider a simplified makeup routine.
Oh boy, this one is pretty major for me. I have a giant train case filled with makeup that I've lugged with me on vacation in the past. It's pretty entertaining, actually. But when I really think about it, I only use a fraction of the items inside on a daily basis. A few days before my trip, I pay attention to which items I use the most, and put those into a zipper bag, which lightens my load (literally) quite considerably.

8. Bring a swimsuit. 
I always think "Oh, I'm not going to the hotel pool! I don't need a swimsuit!" but then I get there and it's so dang hot that sitting by the pool sounds like the best idea ever. If only I'd brought my suit. This year, we're taking Iggy with us, so even if I'm not going swimming, he probably will want to. A swimsuit takes up very little space in your bag, so toss one in there. You never know.

9. Bring an extra shirt. 
Again, you never know. And if you don't bring one, you will inevitably spill something awful on the one you're wearing at dinner. I like to wear "bottoms" more than once, if possible, when traveling (see #1 - double-duty items), so I find that a 2-tops-to-1-bottom ratio works out pretty well and helps me to pack light!

10. Have a "dirty clothes" bag.
Ok, so this one isn't exactly part of planning a wardrobe, but it's one of my favorite packing tips for travel, so it deserves to be shared here. I use a bag (like a white kitchen trash bag, but you could use any kind of bag that is the right size for you) to store my dirty/worn clothes while traveling, so that when I get home, I can easily identify what needs to be laundered, and what can simply be put back. Even if you're traveling for long enough that you'll do some laundry while on your trip, being able to easily separate out dirty/clean items is so helpful!

BONUS TIP #11: Pajamas. 
...Just don't forget them, ok? Know that your hotel will have the fire alarm go off in the middle of the night if you do NOT bring PJs, or if your PJs are not suitable for public viewing. If necessary, go to Target and buy an inexpensive set for your trip.

You're welcome.

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I decided to do a little window shopping and come up with an outfit that'd be perfect for walking around outside at a cherry festival, since that's our vacation this year:

Vacation Style

I chose a pair of denim cropped/cuffed jeans since they're my favorite summer clothing staple, and they're great for a variety of weather conditions/outdoor activities. I thought they'd be cute with these leopard and cherry flats, since they're festive but also sensible!

I selected the top because I love the retro/rockabilly style, and that it could be easily layered under a sweater or light jacket if the weather became cooler. I'd probably pair it with a red bandana hair scarf, black cat eye, and red lipstick. The purse is super cute, and looks like it has rings for a cross-body strap, so that'd be perfect for walking around all day!

Lastly, a giant pair of cat eye sunglasses and a sun-blocking parasol would complete the look and shield my vampire eyes and pale skin from daytime rays.

Where are you going on vacation this summer? Got any secret packing or planning tips to share?

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