Sometimes I Make Cartoons But They're Not the Funny Kind.

Wardrobe Essentials Drawing

Now that I'm out of school I'm finding it hard to get dressed up like I usually would and take outfit photos. It'll be interesting to see how this affects the blog as the summer goes on. Something I've missed doing this past school year is drawing and making art.

Just for fun over the past few days, I made this cartoon drawing/painting with all of my favorite types of things in my wardrobe. Originally, I started it as a title graphic for my Ultimate Shopping Guide blog post, but I didn't finish it in time... the style of the cartoon was inspired by my middle school comic from last summer.

I decided to color it in, as opposed to black and white, but then I ran into issues when I was actually coloring it in and had to take some liberties with color (mostly, putting color where there was none), otherwise I would have had to color in all of the objects with black colored pencil. Come to think of it, that would be kind of a funny drawing for the future, though.

#gothdrawingproblems #gothwardrobeproblems

Wardrobe Essentials Drawing

The photo above is available in 1280x1024 size if you are interested in using it as a desktop wallpaper image. Download it here, if you're interested.

I like drawing these cartoons. One day I might even come up with tiny story ideas to draw cartoons that are funny. For now though, just tiny pictures. Sometimes I want to draw but can't come up with any good subject ideas.

Or maybe YOU have a blog or website and would like me to make some cartoons or drawings for you. I can do that. Let me know!

Do you have any cartoon requests?

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