5 Alternatives to Wearing Shorts in Summer

5 Alternatives to Shorts

I'm not a fan of wearing shorts.

It used to be a weird self-confidence thing, I didn't feel like I had the "body" to wear shorts (whatever that means - yeah, I know it's dumb). But now I'll regularly wear shorts, even short shorts, at roller derby practice. So obviously I'm not so freaked out about it anymore, right?

I dunno... I'm still not a super fan of shorts. I bought a pair this year (they're high-waisted sailor shorts by Pinup Girl Clothing), but I have yet to wear them. I guess I still feel weird in them, out in every-day non-roller-derby land.

But hot summer weather means that you have to wear shorts in order to not sweat your patootie off, right?


Here are five alternative options to wearing shorts in the hot weather while still staying cool and stylish. Full disclaimer: I typically wear spandex/"bike" shorts underneath my skirts, so technically, I'm wearing shorts? But I consider them to be more like insurance when I'm running around in potentially windy weather and chasing around after a 4-year-old.

1. Maxi Dress/Skirt
5 Alternatives to Shorts
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I am short. So maxi dress shopping is kind of sketchy for me, although I have seen actual maxi dresses in petite lengths, I think at Kohl's? What I usually do is just buy maxi dresses in inexpensive cotton from Target and hem it myself... even if I totally mess it up, I haven't spent a fortune, and it's a long dress so no one really notices anyways. Ha!

Seriously, my favorite maxi dresses have come from Target. Even when I was in plus-sizes, maxi dresses were super comfortable in the summer. And you always seem to look fancy when you wear them, like you've put forth way more effort into getting dressed than you actually did. So double score!

2. Cropped Pants
More often than not, you will find me in rolled-up denim + t-shirt in the summer months. I get wardrobe lazy! I'm especially loving the stretchy denim skinny styles (even Target sells a good pair for around $30) because they're comfy (hey there stretchy!) and pretty much always look cute.

In the photo above, I'm wearing my hi-top sneakers so that the denim almost touches the shoes, but one thing I love about denim is the ability to customize the length depending on how much I decide to roll them up. And your shoe choices are very wide. Go casual with sneakers (I love my Vans!), wear cute ballet flats to keep it dressier, or rock your favorite sandals! I'll even put on my combat boots with rolled up denim. It's all good.

3. Circle Skirts
5 Alternatives to Shorts
see original post here, and ignore the tights. You don't want to wear tights in warm weather. Unless of course, you are in a pinch and didn't shave your legs. And you don't mind being hot and having people ask all day about why you are wearing tights.
The best thing about circle skirts is that you get moderate coverage, they are generally flattering on most body types (if you care for such matters), and they're easy to pair with your favorite t-shirts, just like denim.

Although I've long professed my love for a petticoat, you can very easy go sans puffy skirt goodness in favor of less material on your lower half, which results in a cooler (from the literal temperature sense) outfit. The top photo is with a petticoat, and the photo below is without. Both work well, in my opinion!

5 Alternatives to Shorts
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4. T-shirt Dresses
5 Alternatives to Shorts

I own TWO t-shirt dresses, both from Target - one is a short sleeved style in all-black, and the second dress is a tank style, also in all-black (because of course).

Both dresses are easy to wear, forgiving in shape, comfortable, and way versatile to accessorize, depending on the occasion and the weather!

5 Alternatives to Shorts

If Target isn't your thing, here are some alternative options that you could purchase, pictured above, with links below:

5. Short, Casual Summer Dresses
5 Alternatives to Shorts
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"Summer" dresses are actually one of the easiest things to shop for at thrift stores. If you're lucky enough to have a Savers or other thrift store that puts items out by size, you just need to flip through the racks and select a handful to take back to the dressing room! I found the Hell Bunny skulls dress at my local Savers last summer (a super lucky find!), but I see tons of versatile and cute summer dresses on the rack weekly.

Seriously, like I need more dresses? Holding back (for me) is a good thing!

The above photo is the OOTD from my last most recent blog post. It's also a Hell Bunny dress, but with a little more coverage and sleeves than the spaghetti strap style below. So you can choose the level of coverage that you are most comfortable with. But it is so nice to wake up and choose ONE item from your closet and basically be done!

Dress? Yay! Done!

5 Alternatives to Shorts
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Now remember, I did tell you at the top of this post that I typically wear spandex shorts under all of my skirts. I highly recommend this method, but if you should choose to take your chances in favor of less layers in warm weather, I say go ahead - I'll cross my fingers and hope that you do not regret it later! :)

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