Where Did You Get That?! The Ultimate Shopping Guide.

Ultimate Shopping Guide

"Where did you get that?" is a question that I hear a lot, actually. I'm not sure it's because people actually want to go out and buy the thing, so much as I think they can't quite wrap their brain around who or where some of the things that I buy are sold...

But occasionally, I know people are interested in finding similar items, or at similar prices (I'm a pretty decent bargain hunter, I think...), or it could be that I've had decent luck at finding discontinued or harder-to-find items.

Therefore, this post is born. Some of these resources aren't "new" places to shop, so much as sites to check for specific brands for sales and coupon codes when several retailers are all selling the same brands. For example, Hot Topic isn't exactly a "new" place to shop, and may not even occur to you to be a "good" place to shop unless you're an emo high school kid... however, they sell Hell Bunny online, and they have sales from 20%-30% fairly regularly, and you can snag awesome pieces at fantastic prices by taking advantage of this fact!  I know because I've done it!

I think what I'll do here is first list WHERE I shop, with the site links:

Pinup Girl Clothing - has their own unique designs of clothing. I own a LOT of pieces from this site. There are a few other places you can score these pieces online, but typically they're international and will cost you a ton in shipping. It's a good idea to search out Swap/Sell groups (try Facebook) if you're looking for discontinued or out of stock items. Sign up for their newsletter to get 15% off, and once you make your first purchase, you'll get a returning customer code for 10% off after that so you'll never have to pay full retail again. Woo hoo!

Oblong Box Shop - Denialle Von Fitch designs her own novelty print circle skirts that you can almost exclusively buy through this site. Again, signing up for the newsletter will score you a discount code. If there's a design you like, snap on it, because they'll go out of stock and may not come back. Occasionally you can find some of her designs on Unique Vintage (see below)... but I always go direct to this site for Denialle's stuff. There are other brands here, too, like Banned Apparel or Sourpuss purses, so this is a good place to search for accessory pieces when you're doing a price-comparison or hunting for coupon codes.

Restyle - Restyle.pl is the coolest gothic clothing brand! But because they're international, I hesitate to order directly from them unless I have a bunch of items I want to order all at once that are in stock. I'm not sure it's economical to ship one piece here or there. I do search my re-sale websites for the Restyle brand though, and I was able to snag a bag I'd been eyeballing for a lower price. 

Deandri - This is another site for awesome gothic Wednesday Addams style fashion... I placed an order with them once, and I'm honestly not sure I'd do it again. The ordering was sketchy... I got an email saying the item was out of stock, even though it was still listed as in stock on their website at the time I was notified. I alerted them to this, and they were all "oh yeah, whoops" - and then it took a strangely long time for the order to get to me. The shirt was a tad too tight, but I'm too afraid to send it back that I might never receive my exchange. So... love this brand's design aesthetic, but I now only search it out on my re-sale sites.

Sourpuss - Sourpuss has great sales if you keep an eye on their site. Not only do they sell the Sourpuss brand, but they carry a lot of other awesome brands, too, so I check them out a lot when I'm comparing prices and availability of stuff: Iron Fist, Folter, Hell Bunny, Killstar, Kreepsville 666, Lucky 13, Steady Clothing, Collectif, and more!

Modcloth - ModCloth sells B.A.I.T. Footwear shoes, and if you can be patient, you can get them at sale prices and/or with a coupon code! Modcloth also sells cute dresses from Tatyana, Folter, and Retrolicious, but they will re-name your favorite designs, so you do have to be searching with a keen eye to spot the styles you're looking for. Also, Modcloth will sometimes sell 1-2 designs from a brand, not necessarily a whole line of clothes from a brand, so selection will be sporadic. This is why I always check ALL the sites when I'm shopping!

Tatyana - Formerly Bettie Page Clothing. If you are patient, there will occasionally be INSANE sales on this site. Like, dresses for $30-$40. Or, they have 40-50% off sales. I bought my coffin shaped purses from here. And I paid like $30 each. Yeah. Sweet!

Unique Vintage - There is a wide mix of stuff sold on this site. They have their own line, but they also carry pieces from a lot of other brands. In fact, I grabbed an Oblong Box Shop skirt from them on sale. They sell Collectif, Lindy Bop, Sourpuss, Bernie Dexter, Banned, Erstwilder, Hell Bunny, and a bunch more, so this is one of the sites I check to do price comparisons or watch for sales when there's a specific item that I have in mind.

Doll Me Up - This is another site like Unique Vintage; they carry a bunch of different brands and will often have sales, so if you have a specific piece in mind, this is a good place to check. I think I've gotten several of my cropped cardigans from them, as they had a good color selection. 

Cats Like Us - A smaller boutique site, but they have great customer service, so I like giving them my business! They sell a wide variety of pin-up/retro/rockabilly brands like Sourpuss and Hell Bunny items, so they are in my rotation of sites to check for prices and sales when I have a certain item on my wish list!

Lindy Bop/Amazon - Lindy Bop is a great retro brand, but they're international, so I strongly recommend buying from Amazon, as you won't need to worry about crazy shipping, and returns/exchanges are super simple. Mark your faves and put them in your wish list... I've seen Lindy Bop dresses go on sale on Amazon for as low as $25! Side note: go down a size if you order - I actually wear a size small in this brand, which is kind of unheard of; you'll thank me later when you don't need to send your too-big item back! 

Chocolaticas/Amazon - This is another brand to purchase via Amazon. They do not go on sale often, but after sucking it up and buying a pair (these specific black/white spectator ones), I'm so happy that I went for it. I really love them! Super comfy yet super cute flats: I wore them in last Saturday's OOTD post.

Voodoo Vixen - I love Voodoo Vixen dresses! I have the Katnis in green (now available in BLUE!) and the Connie (red dress with all over cat-eye glasses print!). They are international, so keep an eye out for sales. 

BAIT Footwear - this is kind of the "standard" for most pin-up style ladies. BAIT makes the two-tone spectator styles in all kinds of colors. I own 3-4 pairs from them, and I gotta say... they're a little painful to wear. I think there's quite the break-in period, which I'm not so patient for. I've been not wearing mine because I can't have hurting feet at the end of the day and THEN go to derby practice...! BAIT had a great sale on their site for Black Friday, but for the rest of the year, stalk some of these other sites listed above (especially ModCloth) to find random pairs on sale at various times.

So, those are my fave brands/stores to shop at, currently. They do change frequently, and I'm finding new ones all the time, do feel free to add your faves for me to check out in the comments below!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

...Sometimes, despite all of your searching, your favorite item is SOLD OUT or discontinued. What do you do? Well, I have a few options for you that have been fruitful for me in the past...

Etsy - Have it made! When I couldn't find a certain Lady of Guadalupe skirt, I went to etsy and happily discovered that I could have an even better version, custom made to fit me! Thanks Vintage Galeria! Seriously, if you're looking for a circle skirt in a specific fabric/pattern/theme, check etsy for your options first. It may be less expensive than you think!

eBay - Good old eBay is a great place to find girls who are selling their gently used but excellent condition wardrobe pieces. If you're patient and use followed searches to check periodically, you can snag an item at an incredible price! This is also a good place to check for discontinued items, although you might still pay full retail for it. Depends on how badly you want it!

Poshmark - I've raved about this site several times now, and I even sell my own items - which I use the credit to turn around and buy other items - it's like getting free stuff! If you want to try out Poshmark, we can both earn $5 credit to buy new stuff if you use my referral code: PMSHD when you sign up!

Depop - Depop is pretty much like Poshmark, but sellers have more control over shipping charges. They can add it into the sale price, or they can add it as a separate charge from the item. I shop at Depop, but I have not sold through them yet. I think it's just a preference thing, and since I started at Poshmark, I just kind of stayed there. Depop and Poshmark are both apps for your phone, as opposed to full websites, so it's better viewed on your mobile device.

Thrifting! - My absolute FAVORITE way to find awesome wardrobe items is by thrifting! I posted a whole explanation of my secrets as to how I thrift, what I look for, and which departments are my faves over on Pinup Persuasion back in December, so check that out for more info!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

This was a long post, and I'm sure I've left some stores/brands/options out of this list! I didn't even really dig into accessories, now that I think of it... but let's continue the list! What OTHER places do you go to shop?

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor

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