What I Wore: Same Skirt, Different Look

Pink Cats Skirt OOTD
shirt - Melvins concert / cardigan - thrifted / belt - Pinup Girl Clothing / skirt - Heart of Haute / petticoat - Malco Modes via eBay / tights - Target / shoes - Dr Scholls via Zappos

So I seem to remember complaining in the not-so-distant-past about how it was getting too warm for tights and I was going to have to start wearing skirts and dresses without them. I was just getting used to it, too.

Well, scratch that. It got all stupid cold again. I hate Chicago weather. But by the time this posts, it'll probably be like 90 degrees and I'll be mad about that, too. Blargh.

Pink Cats Skirt OOTD

I have been practicing my short-sleeve t-shirt with circle skirt idea, first brought out this season here. I actually did it another time, too, but I got home and forgot to take outfit pics. You know those days where you get home and you're barely in the back door of the house before you're all like "OMG pajama pants!!!"

Yeah, it was kind of like that.

Pink Cats Skirt OOTD

If this skirt looks familiar to you, it's because it was one of the very first circle skirts I ever purchased. I wore it on the blog here, with a black scoop-neck top... so not thaaaaat much different from this day's look, although I think I've mastered the art of wearing the circle skirt a little bit better now.

Wide belt? Check. Petticoat? Check.

Pink Cats Skirt OOTD

This Melvins shirt is one of the oldest clothing items I own; I bought it at a show when my husband and I were dating. It was one of the pieces that went into a box when I gained weight, hoping to one day get back into. So that's a fun accomplishment. There's something about a pink octopus cartoon that makes me love this shirt so much.

Another thing that I love about this outfit (and circle skirts in general):

PPink Cats Skirt OOTD

I can't believe I haven't done a stupid gif like this before. LOL. Expect more in the future.

Do you have a favorite really old t-shirt that you've held on to for years and years?

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