20 Ways to Make an Awesome Taco!

Tacos, 20 Different Ways!

It’s no secret that I’m a big taco fan. I even have one tattooed on my body! I had so much fun creating my “25 Things That You Can Put an Egg On + Make a Meal” list that I decided to do something similar for tacos!

Tacos, 20 Different Ways!
So, here it is, my list of 20 things that you can put into a tortilla and turn into a “taco” - term used loosely, of course...

  1. Brussels Sprouts - I love love love brussels sprouts tacos! I use this recipe from Bake and Destroy, which I know I’ve mentioned here on the blog multiple times. Leftovers are super yummy for lunch, too!
  2. Scrambled Eggs/Breakfast Stuff - Eggs are awesome. You can just use plain old scrambled eggs, but any mix of eggs plus veggies work well too! A great way to use leftover black beans (say you have a recipe that only use a ½ can) is to scramble them into the eggs and use that as a filling!
  3. Whitefish cooked in pineapple - Fish tacos! Buy fresh or frozen whitefish, which can often be pretty tasteless on its own, and begin cooking in a pan with a little bit of oil. Once it’s almost finished, break it up into chunks and dump a can of crushed pineapple (those shorty 8 oz cans), liquid and all, on top and finish heating through. Ta da! Fish taco filling.
  4. Breaded seafood (fish nuggets, shrimp) - Trader Joe’s sells fish nuggets, which, although strange-sounding, are actually pretty good! They’re just miniature fish fillets, which lend themself super well to fish tacos - add some coleslaw to the top, and you’re done!
  5. Grilled shrimp - Summertime means grilling! Put some shrimp on a skewer and grill them up! Pull them off and dump into a tortilla for tasty shrimp tacos. Heat your tortillas on the grill, too, for completely outdoors dinner-time fun.
  6. BBQ Tofu - I first learned about BBQ tofu tacos from Meez Meals, the home delivery dinner service. I loved it so much that I started making my own version on my own at home. It’s pretty simple; full recipe here.
  7. Potatoes - I can’t eat these anymore due to the starchy/carby content, but they are absolutely amazing. Inspired by the potatoes from Big Star, I posted this recipe quite a while back, you can check it out here.
Tacos, 20 Different Ways!

  1. Stir fry (leftovers are especially good for this) - this is fairly self-explanatory… I’d use shredded cabbage in lieu of lettuce on a stir fry taco...
  2. Goat Cheese - My uncle was under a pretty strict diet for medical reasons, and one of his favorite “allowed” foods was goat cheese tacos. It’s super simple: heat up your tortilla. Add a generous chunk of goat cheese, maybe smush it down a little. Top with shredded lettuce and diced tomato. Enjoy. I was surprised how tasty this actually was! It’s also pretty economical as well.
  3. Avocado - I order tacos like this all the time from restaurants when they ask me what kind of meat I want on my taco. I just use avocado in place of the meat. Add whatever else the place has to offer: Lettuce and tomato? Cilantro and onion? Cheese? Rice and refried beans? It’s all good.
  4. Fajita-style “chicken” strips, peppers, onions - I guess technically a fajita then. But since I’m using the term taco loosely, it totally counts. I buy fake chicken strips already pre-seasoned fajita-style. Trader Joe’s sells frozen cooked pepper and onion strips, so get your hands on some of those, and that makes the job even easier.
  5. Hummus + veggies, wrap style - Also maybe not technically a taco… have you tried hummus on a tortilla? I like it with uncooked veggies and some black beans - no cooking necessary! Great for super hot weather when you just can’t even.
  6. Quinoa - When I make stuffed peppers, I use a combination of quinoa and beans to create my filling. This crock pot recipe for taco filling uses a similar combination of ingredients. I like using quinoa in my cooking because of its protein content!
  7. Cauliflower + chickpeas - I’ve seen this combination online (via Pinterest) a couple of different ways: roasted with lime crema, or BBQ style.

Tacos, 20 Different Ways!
  1. Faux meat products - seitan, crumbled faux “beef,” fake chicken, tempeh - add taco seasoning, or buy them pre-seasoned with chipotle, mexican spices, or chorizo-style. Just heat through and assemble with your favorite toppings!
  2. Lentils - Sometimes in the grocery store (typically the refrigerated produce area) I can find cooked lentils that are vacuum-sealed. These are delicious on their own, but also super yummy when heated up in a skillet with some olive oil and taco seasoning and used as a taco filling. So easy and delicious!
  3. Jackfruit - You may already be aware of the awesomeness that is canned jackfruit, or have made this amazing faux pulled pork recipe via one of my favorite chefs, Bake and Destroy. But have you tried rinsing and draining it, and sauteeing it with some taco seasoning? It makes a great taco “meat” or nacho topping!
  4. Scallops - similar to the other seafood-themed tacos at the top of this list, scallops make a pretty good non-traditional taco in the vein of fish tacos. Here’s a recipe that pairs scallops with salsa verde as a taco filling.
  5. Roasted veggies - Pretty much any kind of roasted vegetable has the possibility of becoming an awesome taco: carrots, cauliflower, peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, squash, sweet potato…
  6. Baked beans - just use canned baked beans in place of refried beans in your taco! Top it as you normally would: cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, whatever. Sometimes you find that mystery can of baked beans in the back of the pantry (why did we buy these again?), and now you have a good reason to use them up!

For a further explanation of tacos, their toppings, and what is considered “authentic,” visit this article for more info. There’s an awesome infographic that details different types of tacos, too!

Source: Fix.com Blog 

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