What I Wore: Basic Black Retro-Inspired

Isaac Mizrahi Dress OOTD
dress - Isaac Mizrahi for Target via eBay / cardigan - thrifted / belt - Pinup Girl Clothing / necklace - gift from my derby wife! / shoes - Dr Scholls via Zappos

Hey you guys, I found it! After months of eBay followed searches and almost completely giving up, I found the Isaac Mizrahi for Target dress from my Vavoom photo shoot! And it was in MY SIZE! I fell in love with this dress after wearing it for photos, and thought that I had snagged one for myself via Poshmark, only to be sorely disappointed when the size was mis-marked. Whomp whomp. I think it's like a size 4... if you're interested, I listed it in my own Poshmark closet with exact measurements and such.

Isaac Mizrahi Dress OOTD

So, if you read my last post, you know I was feeling weird about the weather getting warmer and no tights, but I braved it on this day and you can see that everything was ok. I like that this outfit is so simple and plain, but keeps the same retro style and silhouette that I favor. I could have worn any color cardigan with this dress, but I liked the blue of this particular one, so I went with it. Yay thrift store finds!

And also awesome about this dress? Pockets.

Isaac Mizrahi Dress OOTD

I'm feeling the need to find more comfortable summery shoes for this season, or I may end up wearing these Dr Scholl's flats (they're already starting to get a little shredded) all summer every day. As though I don't wear them enough already.

Isaac Mizrahi Dress OOTD

My derby wife Megan gave me this awesome necklace for my birthday with a skate bearing pendant and it is my new favorite piece of jewelry! I can keep a little bit of skating with me wherever I go. And it's fun that some people won't even realize what it is.

Isaac Mizrahi Dress OOTD

So, any suggestions on comfortable summer shoes? I like ballet flat styles, as I don't have to keep my pedicure 100% in order to wear them. Roller skating makes that somewhat difficult. So, if I can find shoes without exposed toes, all the better. Any ideas?

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