DIY Natural Disinfectant Spray

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Spring has sprung and it's time to for Spring Cleaning!
This year (aside from renovating my entire house) I decided to switch out all of my chemical packed cleaning products for homemade natural versions. A disinfectant cleaning product is one of the most important products in your cleaning arsenal. This is what I tried a few different recipes and wanted to share my favorite concoction with you.

You will need:
4 to 6 Organic Lemons
Extremely cheap vodka
A large mason jar
An empty spray bottle
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Step One: 
Peel all 4 to 6 lemons and place the rinds into the large mason jar.

Step Two: 
Pour your cheap vodka (mine was the Jewel store brand version) over the lemon rinds until they are completely covered with vodka.   photo IMG_7600_zpsnvv8p1lu.jpg
Step Three: 
Put the top on the mason jar and place the jar in a cabinet for 3 to 4 weeks.

Step Four: 
You will know that the cleaner is ready when the liquid is a deep clear yellow color.

Step Five:
Once the cleaner is ready, fill your empty spray bottle and you're ready to get cleaning!
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Until next time!
~Steph @ Calamity Layne

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