Bio-Degradable Seedling Container DIY

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Spring is here (or so they're telling us...) and if you're planning on having a garden this year, it's time to start your seedlings (indoors)! Starting a garden doesn't have to be expensive. Today I'm going to show you how to make your own biodegradable seedling containers. The best part about these is once it gets warm enough to plant your seedlings outside, you can plant the entire thing instead of disturbing the roots by taking the seedling out of the container.
You will need:
Paperclips (optional)
A seed container tray
Water photo IMG_7823_zpsnilhq7op.jpg
1. Select a page of newspaper about two sheets thick.
2. Cut a strip about 2 to 3 inches thick.
3. Decide how large you want the circumference your container to be and cut the strip accordingly.  photo IMG_7824_zpsyby37kbv.jpg
4. Once your newspaper strip is your ideal length, cut the strip on the top left-hand side length-wise half-way through (as pictured below). Then, do the same on the bottom right-hand side. photo IMG_7826_zpsgmegleav.jpg
5. After the cuts, bring them together (end to end so that the paper makes a circle) and slide both cuts into one another. This should create a circle that will not come apart (pictured below). If you want, you can secure your container ends with a paperclip or two. photo IMG_7827_zpsmxatotim.jpg
6. After you have secured your container ends, place your container in the tray and make more seed containers.
7. Once you finish filling your tray, fill each container with soil. plant one or two seeds in each container and add water. photo IMG_7828_zpsqugmf98z.jpg
8. Place your tray of seed containers in a sunny area and make sure to keep them watered. I keep mine in the dining room next to the window and water them three times a week.

Your seedlings will be sprouting in no time! photo IMG_7477_zpsyr7ojmyn.jpg

Note: Don't plant your seedlings outside until they sprout true leaves. The first the first leaves a seedling gets are called cotyledons. True leaves look different and grow shortly after the cotyledons. The true leave emerge and start generating energy through photosynthesis!

Until next time!
Steph @ Calamity Layne

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