Unexpectedly Awesome Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Mom!

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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016
Hey guys, very soon it's going to be Mother's Day, and I was thinking... instead of the usual flowers or brunch date, how about snagging your mom (or yourself) a sweet gift inspired by the warm weather ahead - like an awesome swimsuit, tote, or other fun summer-y accessory? I made a list of cool stuff that I'd sure like to get as a Mother's Day gift - maybe it'll inspire you to shop as well!
  1. Llama I’m Coming Home Hamper
  2. On A Tide Note Swimsuit Top in Donuts 
  3. On A Tide Note Swimsuit Bottom in Donuts
  4. In Tune With The Tides Swimsuit Bottom in Mixtape
  5. In Tune With The Tides Swimsuit Top in Mixtape
  6. Scoops of Flower Measuring Spoons
  7. Swoons and Tunes Headphones in Teal Roses
  8. Random Kindness Bag
  9. Mmmm Donut Pool Float
  10. On A Tide Note One-Piece Swimsuit in Donuts
Have you noticed my donut-y theme here? I can't decide if I love the donuts or mixtapes more... so hard to choose!

I love non-traditional or slightly left-of-center types of gifts. They're so much more fun and unexpected! You can find even more gift ideas for Mother's Day here!

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor

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Junk to Gem – A Vintage Table's New Life as a Plant Stand

 photo IMG_8021_zpswu0sgwz2.jpg
Hello fellow vintage lovers,

First off… I’ve got to point out that I’m not a big fan of “updating” perfectly good vintage or antique furniture. The “buy it and slap some chalk paint on it” approach drives me a little crazy… That being said, there is nothing wrong with breathing new life into a vintage piece that is a little worse for wear. I like to repurpose vintage pieces that are either seemingly beyond repair or viewed as no longer useful. To me, it is fun to imagine all of the different possibilities for something viewed as junk. It helps keep history alive and waste out of landfills. photo IMG_8010_zpsdzizcxuw.jpgToday’s “Junk to Gem” project idea was born out of necessity (and lack of funds). I was planning on planting tall / climbing flowers to improve the view of the back corner of my yard. (Long story short…I have somewhat tubby (and furry) elderly neighbors who like to wear small swimwear to work in their backyard and unfortunately, my privacy fence has slats at the top). That particular corner of my yard is always wet so it’s hard to get anything to grow there. Thus, I was in dire need of a tall plant stand that would facilitate multiple tall / climbing plants. photo IMG_8007_zpsb59dyl3j.jpg Lucky for me, I had purchased a wobbly vintage table at a thrift store for $3.00 last year. Someone had already painted over it with chalk paint and since I wasn’t able to remove the paint, I started using it as a temporary plant stand in my back yard. Fast forward to this weekend…I was cleaning up all of my planters from last year and noticed that the top of the table had peeled up from the base. I peeled the rest of the top off the frame and noticed that the frame height was perfect for my back corner.  photo IMG_8011_zpsq2f6hfxc.jpg I found some Elmer’s glue in my kitchen junk drawer and started pour and painting glue into all of the table frame’s joints to try and stabilize it a little. While that was drying, I scoured my shed for something to place inside the frame that would work for planting. Originally, I was looking for a plastic tub or one large container, but I was pleasantly surprised that two plastic planters I had laying around fit perfectly into the table frame.  photo IMG_8013_zpsvc1ysqnz.jpg Since the pots were aqua in color, I decided to get out my aqua spray paint and paint the frame a bright aqua color…unfortunately, my paint ran out before I could get great coverage on the frame, but I guess it gives it a little character. I then sprayed the whole thing with some clear sealer just to give it a little extra water protection.  photo IMG_8017_zpsvfcgopwg.jpg Once the contraption was dry, I put it in place, filled each pot with potting soil and planted Hollyhocks and Clematis. I am now crossing my fingers that we have an extremely great growing season and those babies grow sky high and all the way down my fence line.

Until next time!
~Steph @ Calamity Layne

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I survived: my first roller derby bout!

Bout Recap
All photos via Steve Jurkovic Roller Derby Photography

You guys! I made it through my first roller derby bout, ever. And I was part of the jammer rotation. I was so nervous that day, I think I cried (literally) three different times before it was time to leave for the rink. And I ate like two bananas for lunch. I was kind of a mess. I tried so hard to stay calm and to center myself, with varying results...

Bout Recap

But, just as everyone who has gone through this before has told me, once the game started and I got out there, it ALL goes away. You seriously forget that there are people out there. You just play. That's good. To my surprise, I had a really good game. We all did! All four of us jammers did a great job, and our blockers were (in my opinion) even more awesome! It was like we could read each other's minds - everyone was in the right places at the right times. I had the best time ever!

Bout Recap

I'm so happy that after all is said and done, there are awesome pics from professional photographers! These shots are all from Steve Jurkovic Photography, who happens to be one of the sponsors for my Chicago Outfit Roller Derby team.

Side note: I'm now listed officially on the Outfit website as a skater! Check out my skater profile here!

Bout Recap

I love my face in most of these photos, where I look like I'm bracing for impact, or mid-impact, LOL! But my favorite photos are the ones of me jamming, skating solo like the photo at the top. I've always loved and admired photos of other skaters just like this - I always thought that they looked so cool. And now I have ones of myself just like it! Whoa!

Bout Recap

Perhaps the best moment of the night happened early on while jamming. And Todd caught it on video! I was jamming against the DuPage Derby Dames and their brace left a large gap between blockers, so I just ducked under their arms and kept going. I even surprised myself with this move!

I love that not only did I successfully get through the pack with this move, but the crowd went nuts! I gotta admit, it was an amazing feeling. I can only hope that I can be as successful when I play next time!

Bout Recap

Check it out, guys - I look like I know what I'm doing! I joke, of course, but I think I really genuinely surprised myself on this day with what I could do, and what I was capable of as a person and as an athlete. My whole life I was categorized as the "smart" and/or "artistic" girl... not that these are bad labels, but I for sure was never thought of as "athletically-inclined" :)

Bout Recap

Our opponent, the DuPage Derby Dames, are an awesome team that has a whole bunch of ladies that we know personally and are friends with! Several skaters are friends of mine from Derby Lite... others I know from my days of vending Hell Razor stuff at 88's bouts!

Bout Recap

Ok, so I know that I said that the best part of the night was the whole duck-under the blockers thing, but I forgot about this OTHER best part of the night - I got voted MVP Jammer for my team! On my first bout ever! I seriously did NOT expect it and I'm pretty sure I ended my experience just like it began that morning... with crying! But for very different reasons.

Bout Recap

My team captain, Dallas, won MVP blocker for my team. This was seriously one of the best nights of my life, right up there with getting married and having my son. If I could go back and re-live it over and over again, I would!

Bout Recap

To make a great event even greater, I had an incredible amount of family and friends there to see it all go down! Not only my teammate family, but my Derby Lite family, including my instructors! It was crazy energizing and motivating to hear all of their cheers and encouragement.

Lisa drove to the event with Shane and Gunnar. It was so awesome to have them there to see it all! Just to drive Lisa crazy, I made sure to rub my sweaty sweaty self all over her. :) Love you!

Bout Recap

The morning of the bout, I was able to pick up the merch I had ordered for my whole family: Todd has a special "Pictrola" shirt (after his IG handle), Iggy's got a shirt with his name on the back, and I had a special one made for my mom that says "Mommie Maims Dio."

Bout Recap

I was so excited to see them all dressed up and there to support me and my team! Just sitting here, writing and re-capping it all, makes me feel excited about the day all over again.

Want to see more? The full album of photos by Steve Jurkovic are available here. And there are more photos of the bout available here, via a second photographer, Dave Schrader.

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor

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What I Wore: Basic Black Retro-Inspired

Isaac Mizrahi Dress OOTD
dress - Isaac Mizrahi for Target via eBay / cardigan - thrifted / belt - Pinup Girl Clothing / necklace - gift from my derby wife! / shoes - Dr Scholls via Zappos

Hey you guys, I found it! After months of eBay followed searches and almost completely giving up, I found the Isaac Mizrahi for Target dress from my Vavoom photo shoot! And it was in MY SIZE! I fell in love with this dress after wearing it for photos, and thought that I had snagged one for myself via Poshmark, only to be sorely disappointed when the size was mis-marked. Whomp whomp. I think it's like a size 4... if you're interested, I listed it in my own Poshmark closet with exact measurements and such.

Isaac Mizrahi Dress OOTD

So, if you read my last post, you know I was feeling weird about the weather getting warmer and no tights, but I braved it on this day and you can see that everything was ok. I like that this outfit is so simple and plain, but keeps the same retro style and silhouette that I favor. I could have worn any color cardigan with this dress, but I liked the blue of this particular one, so I went with it. Yay thrift store finds!

And also awesome about this dress? Pockets.

Isaac Mizrahi Dress OOTD

I'm feeling the need to find more comfortable summery shoes for this season, or I may end up wearing these Dr Scholl's flats (they're already starting to get a little shredded) all summer every day. As though I don't wear them enough already.

Isaac Mizrahi Dress OOTD

My derby wife Megan gave me this awesome necklace for my birthday with a skate bearing pendant and it is my new favorite piece of jewelry! I can keep a little bit of skating with me wherever I go. And it's fun that some people won't even realize what it is.

Isaac Mizrahi Dress OOTD

So, any suggestions on comfortable summer shoes? I like ballet flat styles, as I don't have to keep my pedicure 100% in order to wear them. Roller skating makes that somewhat difficult. So, if I can find shoes without exposed toes, all the better. Any ideas?

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor

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What I Wore: Colorful Sacred Hearts

Sacred Hearts OOTD
cardigan - thrifted / brooch - Luxulite / dress - Pinup Girl Clothing via Depop / belt - thrifted / tights - Target / shoes - Chelsea Crew via eBay / bracelet - Fitbit

I really enjoy going back to dresses and skirts that I haven't worn in a while. It feels like having new clothes all over again! I also try to challenge myself to style it slightly differently once in a while. For instance, this sacred heart patterned dress. I wore it once before on the blog here with a red belt and black sweater. The funny part is that both times, I chose the exact same skull cherries brooch from Luxulite! Didn't even realize it until I was comparing the photos.

Sacred Hearts OOTD

I also have started taking some of my OOTD photos in the art studio, mostly for convenience's sake. When I take indoor photos with my white brick backdrop, I have to move my clothing racks and set up the lights. Sometimes I am seriously just feeling too lazy. Yes, the backdrop of my studio is a little crazy/busy, but I like it.

I think that the last time I wore this dress, I don't think I was in the habit of regularly wearing petticoats. I'm so used to it now that I can't even go without! So naturally, a red one to match the red lace trim on this skirt.

This yellow sweater is one of my thrifted collection in a rainbow colors. It has a loose knit/lacy-ish back panel, which is slightly see-through. But I really like the super cropped style, which I think works well with both this dress and my shorty-ness.

Sacred Hearts OOTD

I'm really happy that I decided to go with this blue thrifted belt over this dress. It's not the obvious choice, but I tried out the red one (with the yellow sweater? meh.) and a yellow one (too much), but the blue is very cheerful and I felt super colorful and happy when I wore this all together on this day.

Sacred Hearts OOTD

I seriously love this pattern. There are certain patterns that I just love, and tend to gravitate to over and over again. For example, black and white stripes, ouija board, sacred hearts, virgin mary, old movie monster themes, bats, and pretty much halloween-in-general designs. I'm sure there's more (skulls)... you'll see the patterns over time.

Sacred Hearts OOTD

Do you guys have this problem? You get so used to dressing for the season (like winter, wearing tights and sweaters every day) that you forget how to dress for the opposite one? Here's what I mean: I can't figure out how to not wear tights every day. Back last summer, I was worried about wearing tights when it got cold because I thought that my dresses would look weird with them. But now, I feel naked without tights. Plus, you have to shave your legs, which is a huge pain in the butt.

So now, I worry about things looking weird WITHOUT tights, and having my petticoats be way too sweaty for summer heat. And also cardigans being way too sweaty. WHAT DO I WEAR?!

Sacred Hearts OOTD

I know I'll figure it out. I mean, I have the benefit of looking back and seeing exactly what I did wear last year. And I know even though it might feel weird at first, it doesn't actually look weird to not wear tights.

Have you ever had any weird adjustments to seasonal fashion like this? Or am I just a big weirdo? Wait, don't answer that second part.

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor

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DIY Natural Disinfectant Spray

 photo IMG_7854_zpstwaqtip1.jpg
Spring has sprung and it's time to for Spring Cleaning!
This year (aside from renovating my entire house) I decided to switch out all of my chemical packed cleaning products for homemade natural versions. A disinfectant cleaning product is one of the most important products in your cleaning arsenal. This is what I tried a few different recipes and wanted to share my favorite concoction with you.

You will need:
4 to 6 Organic Lemons
Extremely cheap vodka
A large mason jar
An empty spray bottle
 photo IMG_7602_zpsuc3pyq0x.jpg
Step One: 
Peel all 4 to 6 lemons and place the rinds into the large mason jar.

Step Two: 
Pour your cheap vodka (mine was the Jewel store brand version) over the lemon rinds until they are completely covered with vodka.   photo IMG_7600_zpsnvv8p1lu.jpg
Step Three: 
Put the top on the mason jar and place the jar in a cabinet for 3 to 4 weeks.

Step Four: 
You will know that the cleaner is ready when the liquid is a deep clear yellow color.

Step Five:
Once the cleaner is ready, fill your empty spray bottle and you're ready to get cleaning!
 photo IMG_7855_zpsf6vmkbg7.jpg
Until next time!
~Steph @ Calamity Layne

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What I Wore: Pinup Style and High-Low Fashion

It's Snowing
shirt - Pinup Girl Clothing / belt - Pinup Girl Clothing / skirt - thrifted / petticoat - Malco Modes via eBay / tights - Target / shoes - Dr Scholls via Zappos
I chose this blog post title because I wanted to talk about combining more expensive pieces of clothing with super inexpensive thrifted pieces to get an awesome overall look. My shirt is from Pinup Girl Clothing, and although it's not SUPER pricey, it's more than I would typically spend (but I got it on ebay so I actually didn't pay full MSRP so score!) - but Pinup Girl Clothing pieces are more investment-y types of pieces, especially since you can typically re-sell them for close to their original value. Not bad.

I wore this shirt with a plain black skirt, one that I got at Savers for just a few bucks. It's real vintage, but the waistband is weird because you pull it over your head... no zippers or closures. But I roll the waistband to shorten it a little, and cover it all up with a wide black belt. Boom. Done.

This skirt was actually featured on the blog before in this post. I was not wearing a petticoat under it; it's funny how even just my pinup-inspired style has changed... it feels weird to wear a skirt if it's not even a little bit "puffy" thanks to a petticoat. We'll see if I still feel that way this summer though...!

It's Snowing

Speaking of, well, NOT summer, it was SNOWING the day that I took these photos. Whaaaaat? Yes:

It's Snowing

It's ridiculous, actually. April showers? Ok. April SNOWING? No. So no, my dress does not have dust speckles all over it, it's freaking SNOW. Ugh.

It's Snowing

So, back to my original thoughts... I combined a "pricey" top with a super inexpensive thrifted skirt = a reasonably average priced ensemble overall. I do this in reverse all the time, too. I pair my pricier skirts with boatneck tops from Target, which you can usually score for around $10. I figure it makes my wallet even out, in the end. :)

When I take photos outside, my dogs like to run around in the backyard. If they're misbehaving and fighting, then I pick up Dio (because she's the tinier one) and make her pose in photos with me, like this:

It's Snowing

Next time I get the bright idea to own more than one dog, somebody slap me, ok?

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor

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Five Easy Ideas for Cooking With Kids

Cooking With Iggy

I was browsing Pinterest several weeks ago, and found several recipes that seemed fairly simple and like something that would be good to make with kids. It occurred to me that although Iggy enjoys playing Transformers, Hot Wheels, and action figures with his Dad, it would be nice for us to have something to do together, too. Thus "cooking with Iggy" was born.

I thought I'd share with you our list of what we have achieved so far, and the varying degrees of success in each project. You can decide for yourself what you'd like to tackle with your own little... or individually. Heck, I'd totally make these on my own, too!

1. Honey Joys
This was the first recipe that Iggy and I made together. Found via Pinterest here, they seemed super simple but especially delicious. I hadn't heard of them before. I thought that they were really good, but Iggy is a picky eater. I think he's not really turned on to honey just yet. Todd and I ended up eating them all. Iggy did have a great time spooning the corn flakes and honey into the muffin cups as I supervised, so he was good at pitching in on this one.

2. Rice Krispie Treats
I tried this next, as it seemed like the next logical step (cereal + sticky binding material). Iggy was really good at measuring out the rice krispies (thank goodness I had purchased the extra large box, so his first 2 cups that spilled all over the counter and floors didn't leave us short!), we counted the cups together as he poured them into the big bowl. When I added the melted marshmallow to the bowl, he gave up on stirring it all together. I think it may have been a little too tough for his 4-year old arms. Also, he is kind of a diva about getting messy and getting anything on his hands. Sheesh.

Oh yeah, this was the second recipe that Iggy wasn't really interested in eating afterwards. Maybe he's not a marshmallow guy (yet), either.

3. (Blue) Chocolate Chip Cookies
We used Lisa's recipe for chocolate chip cookies, as it's my all-time favorite. They always come out really delicious! Of course, we had to add our own special touch in the form of blue food coloring (which ended up being slightly bluish-green, since the batter itself is a yellow-ish shade).

Iggy really enjoyed using the stand mixer for this recipe. It's definitely the most complicated of all of the recipes we've made, but he liked dumping the ingredients into the mixing bowl of the stand mixer, and then setting the speed (1-4) switch when I told him to. This was also the first recipe that he willingly ate copious amounts of when it was all finished. We also sent bags of cookies to each grandma that week.

4. Ready-made cookies from the refrigerated section
Ok, so this isn't really a recipe. But that's why I picked it. And I'm a full-time working mom, so some weekends, the cooking project has to be way more slacker than others. I figured Iggy would have this down. I took out the cookie sheets and had him place the cookie dough balls on the sheet. Unfortunately, he kept placing them close together, and doesn't take constructive criticism very well, so he got mad and gave up, telling me that he "couldn't do it." So... this day was kind of a fail.

We made peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip. They turned out really flat and also gooey in the middle even though we followed the directions? Iggy did eat these, but I wasn't a huge fan of them. Better to just make my own.

5. Rolo Stuffed Ritz Crackers
This was another Pinterest find. The timing was perfect, as I was able to buy a bag of Rolos from the easter clearance section on sale! I lined up the Ritz crackers on a cookie sheet, and Iggy peeled the Rolos from the wrappers and placed them on top of each Ritz. You soften the Rolos for only 5 minutes in a 350 degree oven, and then smoosh another Ritz on top.

Mr Diva-Hands was being weird about smooshing crackers on top (maybe he didn't want to get chocolate on them; maybe he was genuinely being safe and concerned about the hot cookie sheet, who knows? But I found an easy solution by putting the crackers on top myself, then having Iggy "smoosh" them down via the assistance of a spoon. He was ok with that, and they tuned out really nice. These were a delicious mix of salty and sweet!

Oh yeah, Iggy tried one of these, proclaimed that he liked them, but then didn't actually eat it. He's weird. But I was thinking that these would be great for a party if you're not an awesome baker (like me).

Cooking With Iggy

What's next?

Well, I recently tried out this recipe for Peanut Butter + Jelly popcorn, and it came out pretty darn good. After I was finished, I thought about how it'd be a really good kid recipe, since you just need to melt some things together and then mix it all over the popcorn... kind of similar to the Honey Joys or a Rice Krispie Treat. So we may try our hand at gourmet popcorn next.

Iggy also had a really good time using the stand mixer, so I was also contemplating more cookie recipes, like these Funfetti sugar cookies, or, if I'm feeling up for a challenge, these cinnamon bun cookies.

Do you have any awesome cooking activities for kids? Please share with me!

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor

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It's Bout Day and I Finally Made it!

Dames vs Outfit


I got rostered for my first ever roller derby bout - and it's TONIGHT! Are you in the Chicago area? Or, even better, the burbs? Because this is out in Roselle. Maybe come hang out and watch me play! I'm part of the first game; the Chicago Outfit Shakedown. So get there early! :)

Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/617526511762022/

DuPage Derby Dames vs. The Chicago Outfit

Doors open at 5:30 p.m.
First bout at 6:00 p.m.
DuPage Derby Dames Outrage vs. Chicago Outfit Shakedown

Second bout approximately at 7:30 p.m.
DuPage Derby Dames Onslaught vs. Chicago Outfit Shade Brigade

Coachlite Skate Center
1291 Bryn Mawr Ave.
Roselle, IL 60172

Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door.
Kids 8 and under free!
Tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2511027

Must be 21+ to consume alcohol.

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor

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DIY: How to Customize Your Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket DIY Custom

In my last blog post, I wore my favorite denim jacket, and promised you more info about how I customized it. I guess this post is kind of like a “tour” of my coat… but I also want to give you some ideas and tips for making your own custom denim jacket that fits your own interests and style!

First of all, a denim jacket does not need to cost a fortune. I actually scored my coat at Savers. I think it was marked $9.99, but it was a special 50% off sale day, so I only spent $5! Even at the $10 "full" price, this jacket is a great deal. So, put the denim jacket section (typically mixed in with other coats at your local thrift store) on your list of thrifting departments to scour on a regular basis. If you don't find a good one the first time, keep looking, because eventually, you'll score big!

Thrifting for denim coats is one of the simplest items to buy, since they're easy to try on without a dressing room needed. Also, keep in mind that the fit is what's important - not the color, necessarily. This coat you see here was a very light blue denim (yuck), and I just dyed it to get it this color!


  1. Use double the color for more vibrant results. I used two bottles of BLACK dye to get what you see here. 
  2. Get your fabric wet, and squeeze out most of the excess drippy water before placing it into your dye bath. This ensures more even saturation of color overall, with less chance of weird lines or uneven color absorption.
  3. Dissolve a cup of salt to the hot water in your dye bath before adding your fabric. I'm not sure of the science, but it works. 
  4. I use my washing machine! People are afraid to do this, but it's really not scary: set the water to as hot as possible, and the water to a level where it will cover your clothing that's being dyed: like a small/medium sized load is usually a-ok. Then, I have the "agitation" part of the cycle repeat 3-4 times (I hang out in the basement, and re-set the cycle to lengthen the soaking/agitation time until it's like 45 minutes?). Then I let the cycle finish, and remove my dyed jacket. I run a cycle with bleach and no clothing immediately after. If I'm worried about any residue after that (I've never had any issues), I'll just run a cycle with towels or blankets.

My jacket came out darker than what you see here originally (kind of like a new pair of jeans, how the dye kind of fades initially). Also, I threw it in the dryer after dying it, which will fade the color a little more than air-drying. It depends on what you prefer. Do that.

Besides dying your jacket darker, maybe try doing a colored wash over it, like red, violet, pink, or green! My brother buys jackets all the time and DIY's them with varying results. He'll even purposely distress them with bleach. I haven't gone that route yet, but if you're only paying a little bit for your coats, it's not that hard to experiment and you won't feel as bad if it's a total loss.

One other DIY possibility for your coat is to consider not keeping it as a coat at all, but to cut off the sleeves and wear it as a denim vest, like this one I made for Iggy a couple of years ago (thankfully it was so big on him that he still wears it today!). If you choose to do this, I feel like you can be more flexible on the sizing of your coat since the sleeve fit is less important. I think I might do a vest next.

Ok, so now you have your jacket, and the fit is great, and the color is great. The next step I recommend is to choose your main back graphic. I like to use a t-shirt for this, but you can purchase specific "back patches" from a variety of stores online, too.

Denim Jacket DIY Custom

I actually borrowed this Outfit shirt from Iggy's room. I had bought him one, but it was way too big for him right now (and I'm ordering him a custom one with his name in the appropriate sizing anyways), so I simply cut the front of the t-shirt off to the size I liked best, pinned it in place, and sewed all the way around using my sewing machine.

PRO TIP: It's totally worth it to use a denim needle for this. Save yourself a bunch of headaches, broken thread, and broken needles (potentially) by simply switching out your normal machine needle for a denim one. It's been my life-saver! I use it for most of my patches, too!

Denim Jacket DIY Custom

Once you get your "main" back patch on, you can now have fun with other patches. I bought mine from all over the place... mostly on the internet. Basically, if you can think of a patch that you want, search for it online (Etsy is always a good start!) and you can probably find it!

The two patches on the front ("Cute As Hell" pentagram and glitter lipstick) are from Sugarbones and Laser Kitten, respectively.

Denim Jacket DIY Custom

More patch info (pictured above):
Pictured below:

Denim Jacket DIY Custom

I try to use my sewing machine on all of my patches, because I've found that even if I iron them on, they start to peel away after a while. I will iron my patches on initially to hold them in place for sewing, but I do add machine stitching using coordinating thread + my denim needle to ensure that they stay-put!

My Ghost BC patches from @innabluebox are not iron-on, so I used straight pins to hold them in place and sew on using my machine. If you pin your straight pins in the right direction, you can sew right over them and remove them after you're finished!

Denim Jacket DIY Custom

Up next, after patches, there's PINS! I like enamel pins AND tiny buttons AND other handmade cuties. It's hard not to go overboard crazy.

Here’s where I bought stuff:
  1. MVP Chicago Outfit button (black star on yellow) - not available for sale! I got this in a "new girl" practice scrimmage and it's one of my most favorite things, ever!
  2. ArtSnacks pencil pretzel logo enamel pin via ArtSnacks monthly box (featured in this vlog post here!)
  3. King Tut Diamond pin by Creepy Co 
  4. Rockabilly guy enamel pin via Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas
  5. “I Wish Clarissa Would Explain it All…” enamel pin via Laser Kitten
  6. Wednesday Addams and Tina Belcher pins via The Tiny Hobo 
Denim Jacket DIY Custom

I gave you the info for my "Cute as Hell" and glitter lipstick patches up above, but I also have a sweet roller skate with wings that I purchased from Plasticland on clearance (how could I resist?).

Also on my coat is my Google Chrome enamel pin, which Steph likes to make fun of me for. It's my nod to computer-teacher-ing and I got it for free at a Google education conference thingy. Usually I just get lame stuff like pens. But this was actually neat-o so I wear it. I don't care if it makes me a nerd, Steph!

I also recently bought a bunch more patches and things that I may like to incorporate onto my jacket design from Bruised Boutique:

Denim Jacket DIY Custom

I was buying myself some wheel bags, so I browsed the sticker/patch selection and chose a few fun items. I just need to plan out where/if I want to put them on, and go to it!

Oh yeah, I was wondering, what do you do about patches on the front side of your jackets, where they would be over pockets? It's really thick, and I wouldn't want to sew my pockets shut anyways. Fabric glue? Other secret tricks? Please share!

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