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A while back (almost a year ago!), I posted a “Where to Buy Cute Glasses” blog post, and, being the obsessive collector that I am, I have acquired a few new pairs since then, and I thought that I would share them all (along with frame model numbers and links where to buy) with you here today. I do get lots of comments when I’m out about my glasses.

I decided that this topic would be best covered via Betties N Brimstone YouTube vlog video #2! Check it out below. Under the video, I will go into more detail (including links and frame/model numbers) about the individual pairs featured.

Zenni Optical is one of my brand-new favorite places to snag super cheap but cute frames. A couple of pairs have arrived just a little bit too big/loose for my face, but a quick trip to the Target optical department for an adjustment and they were perfect!

(Leopard) Patterned browline eyeglasses (#195035) are my newest pair of glasses. I spotted a couple of ladies wearing them on Instagram and I got that “ooh I need these!” feeling, and of course I impulse bought them, but I love them anyways.

Red-violet cateyes with embellishments (Purple acetate full rim frame with spring hinges #187617) - these are my first ever pair of Zennis. Definitely the most retro-esque out of my collection with the decorated cateye points.

Prescription Heart-shaped frames (#4420221) - these were so inexpensive, how could I NOT grab a pair? They come in red, black, or white. I wore them recently in this blog post.

Blue cateyes (Acetate full rim frame #626616) - I snagged these at the same time as the heart-shaped frames. Combined shipping, yay! Also worn recently in this blog post.

Kate Spade Lyssa Eyeglasses -0W51 Gold Glitter -51mm are frames that I purchased via Amazon, and I figured I’d just get lenses fitted inexpensively, like at Target or Costco. Doh! These were actually my MOST expensive pair, due to the cost of lenses.

Valentino V2659 black/white combo frames. I bought these solely for the square pyramid studs on them. I originally ordered them through LensesRx, because it was the only place that had them available at the time.

Coastal.com is where I got my Love Frames L740. Currently only available as sunglasses. Whomp whomp.

Coastal.com is also the place that carries Derek Cardigan glasses. In fact, I own TWO pair: one in purple, and my all-time favorite, in black. Here’s the link to the current Derek Cardigan selection at Coastal, as it varies. My favorite frame style is 7005 by Derek Cardigan. As of this writing, the purple are available.

Bonlook is where I got my mint green cat-eyes: Keiko Miku Mint - I do not wear these as often as my others because the lenses feel really close-set to me, and I feel like they look a little bit “off” on my face. But they’re still super cute and I wear them when I have an outfit that complements the color or overall theme, like here (LOL - old skool blog post alert!).

I know the lenses from places like Zenni or Coastal are probably not as nice/high quality as the ones I ordered from Target, but I don’t wear my glasses every day. With ten pairs currently in my collection, I couldn’t even get through them in a week!

What do you think about the new video series? I’m experimenting with locations to shoot. I’m hopeful that in the summertime, I might start shooting outdoors in natural light. Since I’m new to the whole vlog world, I’d love to hear your feedback!

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