What I Wore: Pinup in Floral

PUG Blue Floral Dress
dress - Pinup Girl Clothing / cardigan - MAK via Pinup Girl Clothing / glasses - Zenni Optical / tights - Target / shoes - Dr. Scholl's

I got asked at work if I pick my glasses first, and then what I'm wearing that day, or if it's the other way around. To be honest, it's the other way around. I pick what I'm going to wear first, but if I happen to have a pair of glasses that I think will go particularly well with it, then I'll wear glasses that day.

I also prefer to wear glasses in the winter time, since my nose and face don't get all sweaty. In the summer it's pretty much all contacts, all the time. So I figure I'd better take advantage of it while I can.

PUG Blue Floral Dress

I snagged this particular pair of glasses via Zenni Optical at the same time I purchased my heart-shaped ones. I had actually spotted this pair via instagram when bettylebonbon posted a photo. It was one of those, "well, as long as I'm placing an order anyways and the shipping gets covered all in one, I might as well add them in..." and I love them! I'll do a glasses update soon so that you can see the full collection (it's grown quite a bit since I last shared...)

PUG Blue Floral Dress

So, this dress! Floral?! I'm not naturally drawn to floral dresses. I'm more of a novelty print or stripes kinda gal. But this dress from Pinup Girl Clothing went on super mega sale and I had a coupon for even more, so I snapped on it even though I wasn't super sure... I'm so glad that I did! Of course, it cost me additional $$$ to have it hemmed, rendering the sale price pretty much non-existent (mehhhh), but I do love the cut of the dress and I even love the attached belt/sash.

This dress came in the blue/green combo, and a red/violet combo. My initial reaction was to go red/violet, but I purposely decided to go the opposite route, just to switch things up, and once again, I'm pretty glad that I did. I've never been a "blue" (like royal blue) kind of girl... maybe it reminds me too much of sports... but once I put it on, I do think that it looks nice.

PUG Blue Floral Dress

It just so happened that the new blue cardigan I bought matched perfectly, as did the Zenni cateye frames. I just realized now that I didn't wear a brooch on this day, which is kind of unusual. Maybe I just figured the glasses were enough.

PUG Blue Floral Dress

Even though I wear these Dr Scholl's flats like all the time, they are too comfy to ignore, and since I'm always walking around at work, I've been kind of ignoring my cute heels since they will make my feet hurt and that sucks for also putting on roller skates later in the evening.

PUG Blue Floral Dress

I think that this dress will be especially nice for the springtime without black tights! But, coldness = necessity.

Is there a color you tend to stay away from, only to find out later that it's actually pretty nice on you?

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