What I Wore: The Hell Razor Dress by Betty Le Bonbon

Wednesday Addams: What I Wore
dress - Betty Le Bonbon / creepers - Demonia / tights - Target 

This is an exciting day. There is a DRESS named after me! And it's kind of one of the best dresses, EVER. The only "bad" part about it is that I didn't share it with you earlier, because I've owned it for a while, worn it several times - enough to even take it to the cleaners to be cleaned already!

I own a couple of other Betty Le Bonbon items already - you can check out the world's greatest custom Halloween skirts here... and when I saw the preview for this dress posted, I knew it would be worth every penny!

Wednesday Addams: What I Wore
Proof. Totes named after me. Yay!

The quality of this dress is unreal. It's lined, the fabric is very substantial, the dress hangs beautifully, and the FIT! I've gotten very good at measuring myself, and knowing my measurements in general, so the entire transaction took place via email - also because Betty Le Bonbon is an Australian company (you know, kind of a necessity then...).

Wednesday Addams: What I Wore

I love love love the white collar. The size of it! The fact that it stands up/lays so nicely! I have to be careful not to gunk it up with makeup... but otherwise it's probably my favorite part of the dress. So many other clothing pieces with collars are kind of flimsy, or don't lay right. But not this one.

Wednesday Addams: What I Wore

This dress is a reproduction of a Yves St Laurent dress from the 1960s, supposedly. But my fashion design history knowledge is sketchy and I'm not sure that I can exactly trust Pinterest or Tumblr as reliable sources.

Honestly, I don't care if it is or not. I love the design and that's all that really matters, right? I'm the one that's gotta wear it!

Wednesday Addams: What I Wore

Bonus: this dress looks really cool with bat creepers. But then again, what DOESN'T look cool when paired with bat creepers? Yeah, I can't think of anything, either.

Wednesday Addams: What I Wore

Side views. Because I often forget to take them, and I think it's helpful just to see what a garment looks like from all angles. Even if I do think that I make weird "regular" faces.

Wednesday Addams: What I Wore

(Above) Here is a close-up of the bow tie and buttons. The bow has ridiculously awesome long ties and I learned that I'm kind of a klutzy bowler with the ties (they fly up in my face! LOL) - they are worth it because the look just isn't complete without it.

BTW - the buttons are faux. Purely decoration. The dress zips up the back and buttons at the back of the collar.

Wednesday Addams: What I Wore

Now that you've read all the way down to the bottom of this post, I will reward you with the fun fact that this is the last OOTD post that I have with my long hair. I chopped it all off and I love it! You'll actually be able to see it soon, starting in the next blog post.

See you soon!

Rock On,
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