Video Tutorial: Style Solution for Dirty Hair

Messy Dirty Hairstyle Tutorial

I've been toying around with the idea of creating this tutorial for a long time now. It's super simple, but since I haven't done a video tutorial for the blog before, it was like this huge event that I had to get over for the first time, and now probably (hopefully) it won't be such a big deal. 

I wear my hair in this pseudo-messy-bun style all the time. Especially on days when I want to eek out just one more day before I have to wash it! It's my go-to style for simplicity, and I'm always surprised when people stop me and comment on how good it looks! 

Here are some examples of this look in action: 
Messy Dirty Hairstyle Tutorial
Haunted Housewife / Pinup Pinstripes
Messy Dirty Hairstyle Tutorial
Toulouse-Lautrec Inspired / Skates and Stripes

Wanna re-create this look for yourself? Well, here ya go. I finally sat down and recorded it via video tutorial. Please subscribe to my new Betties N Brimstone YouTube channel to get notifications of new videos when they're posted!

So... thoughts on my first-ever tutorial video for Betties N Brimstone? I turned off comments via YouTube (because YouTube), but feel free to leave feedback here. Thanks!

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