Overnight Quinoa Breakfast

Overnight Breakfast Quinoa on Betties N Brimstone blog

So, I'm sure you're familiar with overnight oats, or refrigerator oatmeal, as has become popular within the blogging and Pinterest communities. I'm a big fan, and I love the idea that I can make my breakfast for the entire week ahead of time, and that there is a huge variety of flavors to eliminate breakfast boredom. Not to mention the money (and time!) I save by not buying breakfast from the drive-thru each morning!

Since I'm supposed to up my protein intake whenever possible (see here), I wondered if I could take the idea of overnight oats, but swap the oatmeal for quinoa, which has more protein?

The answer is YES!

Overnight Breakfast Quinoa on Betties N Brimstone blog
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Making overnight breakfast quinoa is pretty much just as simple as the oatmeal counterpart. You just have the step of making quinoa ahead of time, but then you're set. I do five jars at a time, enough for the entire week!

I use jars like these (8 oz size) for preparing and storing my overnight quinoa in the refrigerator. I also swap out the metal lids for these plastic ones because they clean up well in the dishwasher and won't get all weird tarnish-y and rusty-like.

Here are your basic ingredients:
  • cooked quinoa, about 6 oz per jar
  • chia seeds - 2 tsp per jar
  • milk (you choose your fave kind) - 1/4 cup per jar
  • maple syrup (I use sugar-free) - 1 tsp per jar
I make a whole batch of quinoa in my rice maker during the day on Sunday and let it cool down before I prepare the week's breakfast. (My rice cooker/steamer recipe is 1 cup quinoa + 1 1/4 cups water + pinch of salt, and I set the timer for just over 40 minutes.) You'll then add whatever flavorings you want to this basic mix. Here's how I do it:

Overnight Breakfast Quinoa on Betties N Brimstone blog

1. I fill the jars 1/2 way with cooked quinoa, so about 4 oz. worth.

Overnight Breakfast Quinoa on Betties N Brimstone blog

2. Then I add 2 tsp of chia seeds. These also have protein, and they absorb extra liquid to bulk up the mix.

Overnight Breakfast Quinoa on Betties N Brimstone blog

3. Now I add 1/4 cup of milk. I use regular milk because it has the most protein, but you could definitely use almond milk or soy milk or any other kind that floats your boat.

4. Also add a teaspoon of maple syrup (not pictured). Adjust according to your desired sweetness. I recommend that you just do 1 tsp the first round, and if it's not sweet enough, add more next time.

Overnight Breakfast Quinoa on Betties N Brimstone blog

5. Now, you add whatever flavorings you desire. Pictured above is my PBJ quinoa, which means that I just add a tablespoon of peanut butter (or whatevs nut butter you want) and a tablespoon of jelly. I used sugar-free strawberry, but again, you can choose and customize to your tastes.

Overnight Breakfast Quinoa on Betties N Brimstone blog

6. I then top off whatever space is left (about 2 oz worth, I'd guess) with additional quinoa to fill to the top. I don't pack it in, just lightly fill.

7. Cap off your jar with the plastic lid, and SHAKE!

8. Stick it in the fridge overnight.

9. In the morning, you may need to do a little mix/stir before chowing down. I usually eat this cold, but I've found that the PBJ version does well with a quick 45-60 second nuke to soften the peanut butter so it all mixes in thoroughly.

Here are some of my favorite flavors to create - just use the basic quinoa/chia seed/milk/maple syrup mix, and add these ingredients:

Overnight Breakfast Quinoa on Betties N Brimstone blog

I try to use sugar-free options for stuff like maple syrup and jelly, if possible, since I'm supposed to limit it (as well as upping the protein content). See more posts about stuff I eat here.

Feel free to experiment with additional flavors (I'm still working out something coffee-like... and I think peanut butter + banana would be awesome... or chocolate peanut butter!), and let me know if you come up with something super tasty!

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