Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap OOTD by Betties N Brimstone
shoes - Chelsea Crew via eBay / skirt - Pinup Girl Clothing / tights - Ross / cardigan - thrifted / brooch - Heidi and Gretel / belt - Pinup Girl Clothing
I keep wavering between which I like better: standard cardigans, or the cropped kind. Yeah, I know. #firstworldproblems - so now I have a collection of both, mostly thrifted except for my Hell Bunny/Sourpuss/Too Fast/Lucky 13 collection, which is a whole other monster... for another time.

My point here is that I got dressed this particular morning and put on a cropped cardigan (which is waist-length for me), and then realized that although it did reach my waistband, if I reached up or over, I'd be exposing skin. Only verified by Iggy, who yelled "HEY MOM YOUR SWEATER IS TOO SHORT I CAN SEE YOUR BACK!"

So, it ended up being a happy accident, because I dug into my cardigan cabinet (yep it's a thing) and found this lime green version that I simply tucked in. And the color is perfect! You may have recognized it from before here. It's one of my awesome cheapy thrifted pieces. I like to combine them with my higher-end pieces to create a look that feels like I spent a reasonable amount when you average them all together. :)

Venus Fly Trap OOTD by Betties N Brimstone

I do love this lime green pairing with my Pinup Girl Clothing Venus Flytrap Darling Dames skirt. I've been struggling now that it's colder with pairing tights with my dresses, but in this particular styling, I think that the tights really work.

In previous winters, I messed around a lot with colorful tights, but I'm not sure that my current wardrobe can handle that? I've tried it a few times, and then immediately changed out of them after looking in the mirror. Never say never, but so far it looks like black tights will be my best friend this season.

Venus Fly Trap OOTD by Betties N Brimstone

In a previous blog post, I discussed how I paired down my harlequin prints to just one item in each print/colorway, but this skirt I'm wearing today is actually one example of a print that I do own in multiple items. I also own the Hotrod Honey dress in this same print. Because how could you not? I am in LOVE with this print. And, purple?! Yes please.

Fun fact: the other print I own in multiple articles is the spiderweb print. Jenny skirt, Heidi dress, and a shirt (no longer available).

Venus Fly Trap OOTD by Betties N Brimstone

I think one of the reasons I do love this print so much is because of my matching Heidi and Gretel Audrey II brooch! I know that I go on and on about Heidi and Gretel, but her brooches are so cute, and she is such an awesome friend.

Side note: if you are only reading about Heidi and Gretel now, Donna (the creator of Heidi and Gretel) and her husband's home was recently robbed, and had over $10,000 of items stolen, including two computers and a collection of watches that belonged to her husband. I'm running a GoFundMe campaign to help her and her husband out, so if you can help during this holiday season, please do!

Venus Fly Trap OOTD by Betties N Brimstone

A closer look at this amazing print... and my dark purple Chelsea Crew Mary Jane shoes - another steal via eBay! Perfect for pairing with this color scheme.

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