How I Plan to Simultaneously Stop Getting Sick & Continue to Fit Into My Wardrobe This Winter

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It's tough to stay on track during the holidays if you are watching your weight. It's cold, you have less energy, it gets dark earlier, there are SO many delicious things to eat...On top of all of that, after Thanksgiving I got really sick and that only added to my lack of excitement about exercise. Long story short...I don't feel good, it's cold, and I know I'm not getting my ass outside to walk (or worse, go to a gym). I was feeling crummy about my laziness this weekend, so I started researching alternatives to investing in a huge piece of exercise equipment (like a treadmill). I started reading about "rebounding" (yeah...up until a few days ago, I thought rebounding was dating multiple guys after a bad breakup). Turns out, it's actually a form of exercise where you jump on a miniature trampoline for a short period of time (oh yeah...you read that right).

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NASA did a study and found that after being in space, rebounding helped astronauts rebuild muscle and bone mass leaps and bounds (that just happened) over running and other exercises. Thus, the popularity of trampolining soared (I can't help it).

Some other info I came across on the benefits of rebounding was that it helps boost your immune system and helps drain your lymphatic system. I'm really interested to see if that's true for me as I tend to get sick easily and I really need all of the help I can get in the immune boosting department. Rebounding also helps improve the effects of other exercises, helps improve digestion, and is easy on the joints. It's also a full body work out!

I purchased a cheap (but well reviewed & effective) mini trampoline on Amazon for under $30. It's a great starter rebounder for anyone interested in giving it a try! If I stick with it I'll probably upgrade to a fancier model, but I've been using it for a few days now and am really liking it. I downloaded an app for $2.99 called "Rebounder Fitness Master" and was happy with the video instructed classes. I was giggling the whole time because the music is terrible and watching people jump on a trampoline in different ways is hilarious...but, honestly that's part of the appeal for me. There are plenty of great free rebounding YouTube videos out there too...Just search until you find something that works for you!    

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Steph @ Calamity Layne

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