Vintage Must-Haves for Fall

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YAY! Fall is just around the corner!
Don't get me wrong...I love me some summer, but really...fall is my favorite season (and not JUST because of Halloween). Layers of cozy sweaters, cardigans, skirts, and leggings! It seems to be the most comfortable and most vintage fashion-friendly time of year. :) So, to celebrate the coming fall season I'm sharing my top vintage fashion picks for fall. 

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#1 The Poncho
Ponchos are PERFECT for the in between warm / cold weather we see so much of in autumn. Comfortable and versatile, ponchos work for almost any occasion and can be dressed up with a shift dress, tights, and ankle boots OR just with jeans and a t-shirt! This one is available at my Etsy shop!

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#2 The Long Skirt
I love long skirts in fall, especially if they are vintage. Vintage fabrics seem to be heartier than our modern-day poly knits and I've found that they tend to keep my legs from freezing quite well in the brisk weather. Plus, they look really cute, comfy, and casual with converse, a t-shirt, and a corduroy or jean jacket. ;)

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#3 The Boho Coat
There's no better time to go for the bohemian look than fall! You can layer up to your heart's content and embroidery and velvet are great for crisper weather. For me, a fashionable coat is a must have for autumn. It's the last chance to add a little flair to your outer wear (let's face it...winter in Chicago = bulky, somewhat shapeless, but WARM down-filled marshmallow coats). I like the bohemian /gypsy look for fall because of the textures and colors...and the fact that you can make knee-boots even cuter.
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#4 The Witchy Cardigan
You've gotta go a little Stevie Nicks in fall...BUT if you're not comfortable going full on long knit black jackets with giant crinoline skirts and pointed knee-high witch boots...maybe try a vintage cardigan with some character. ;) The one above is knit a few different ways, with long flowy tassels, a neat spiderweb collar, and a somewhat poofy quarter sleeve (or not so poofy long sleeve). Perfect Stevie-esque compromise. :)

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#5 The Sassy Poly Shift Dress 
Ok, some people may tell you not to go poly, but for cold weather...trust me...poly shift dresses are the BEST. They're super simple to dress up for the office with a simple cardigan or suit jacket and long necklace OR down for a night out with leggings and some heels. They are EASY to take care of (washer on gentle and then hang dry), AND they can really have a lot of fun & subtle character. Cute collars, designs on fabric...OH and they DON'T PILL! (That is one of my favorite reasons to go vintage). I have so many of these and I LOVE them.

All of the items shown here are available at my Calamity Layne Etsy store! Get em' while they're hot! ;)

Until next time!
~ Steph @ Calalmity Layne

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