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I'm not gonna lie, I was introduced to Felicia Day through Supernatural...She plays one of my favorite characters and (because I'm obsessive about stuff I like...) I did a little Internet research on her and decided I had to pre-order her book.

I primarily read biographies (auto or otherwise), memoirs, and "How I got to where I am" stories. I love to explore how people obtain their idea of sucess. My favorite part of You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) was that she really is honest about HER process of going after something she loves and how doing what you love isn't always easy.

I've spent time on so many books, blogs, and videos about "passion in your business" and "doing what you love"and blah blah blah...They all kind of gloss over the whole...THIS IS FUCKING TERRIFYING part. Felicia Day tells it how it is and is brutally honest about her experiences. I really appreciated that. I also admire her tenacity and will to keep going when the times got tough...AND the fact that she was honest about not always being "ON IT" 24/7. She talks about gaming addiction, real anxiety, and the toll it can take.

I found her writing to be extremely readable and relatable. It's written kind of like her vlogs...She's not snobby or pretentious AT ALL (which is refreshing) and she lets you in on her hilariously awesome inner dialogue (which I love...). All in all, I found this book to be a fun read that was truly inspirational and eye opening. A must read!

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~Steph @ Calamity Layne

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