Cheers! Relax and Support Local Farmers this 4th!

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Happy 4th, everyone!
This year, I'm showing my patriotism by supporting local farmers! If you are unfamiliar with the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm to table concept, please take a moment to read a little info here. It's a great way to buy local, eat local, and support your actual community instead of lining some CEO's pockets. Beets + Beats Farm is a small family owned and operated farm out of Sycamore, IL. You can read all about them here!
 photo Sage lav_zpsu84iuq1k.jpg (Alright, Steph! Get to the point...) Anyway, I was so excited because I received my CSA veggies from Beets + Beats Farm this week! Kate included a beautiful bunch of sage & lavender to make a batch of lemonade. I gotta say, if you're looking for the perfect 4th of July celebratory beverage, look no further! It's the perfect mix of relaxing and tasty...AND if you add a little vodka or whiskey you may even snooze through the fireworks. Here's the recipe! photo Honey _zpsvxbazes0.jpg

What you need:
1 cup of honey
5 cups water
About 4 to 5 sprigs of fresh lavender and 3 to 4 sprigs of fresh sage. You can also use 1 Tbsp each of dried lavender & sage if that's all you've got!
1 cup fresh lemon juice
Glass pitcher
 photo Steep_zps4uen1o3l.jpgWhat to do:
  • Boil 2 1/2 cups water 
  • Remove from heat and add honey
  • Make sure to stir until the honey dissolves (it will stick to the bottom and burn if you don't!)
  • Add the lavender & sage to the honey water and stir to make sure they're submersed. 
  • Cover the pot and steep for at least an hour...It's really up to you on how long you want to steep the herbs. If you like a strong lavender sage flavor steep it for 2 hours +.
  • Pour the mixture through a colander into a bowl and discard herbs.
  • Add lemon juice and another 2 1/2 cups of water & stir.
  • Pour lemonade into a glass pitcher and refrigerate until you're ready to party.
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Drink over ice by itself or add your favorite liquor for a fragrant and relaxing cocktail! It's the perfect compliment to a hot summer evening with friends!

Until next time, Support your local farmers!!!
~Steph @ Calamity Layne

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