Cats On Pink: OOTD

Heart of Haute Mandie Bee: Cats on Pink
skirt - Heart of Haute / shirt - Target / shoes - Zappos / sunglasses - Marshalls / lipstick - NARS "Funny Face"
I've decided that fun skirts are my new favorite thing. It may have started with my spiderweb skirt, or the loss of my original eShakti black tulle skirt, but I'm constantly window-shopping for fun new prints, and stalking eBay for ones on my wish list (like this one or this one, but in purple) to suddenly become available.

When I decided that I finally wanted to pull the trigger on a true "circle" skirt, I searched high and low for just the right pattern and style before making my first purchase. I settled on this Mandie Bee circle skirt in "Cats on Pink" from Heart of Haute. Also, the overall length is 23 inches, so the fact that it is just slightly shorter than other circle skirts was really preferable to me (as a shorty short girl... not quite 5'2"...).

Heart of Haute Mandie Bee: Cats on Pink

When my skirt finally arrived, it was actually too big, and I exchanged it for a smaller size - so the good news is that I can tell you that their customer service is super awesome and I was able to get this taken care of, no problem. I even had to call them to check up on my order (their entire shopping system was updated in the middle of my exchange process and I lost my order info!) but everything was super smooth and taken care of - I will definitely order from Heart of Haute again! Especially because I do love this skirt so much!

Heart of Haute Mandie Bee: Cats on Pink

I don't have any fancy retro or reproduction vintage tops to pair with my circle skirt, so I just went with a simple scoop-neck t-shirt from Target (hey, for like $6 it can't be beat!) and I'm very happy with the end result. In the colder weather, it will be really easy to pair this with a cardigan and some tights. Seasonal fashion? Heck no, make it work year-round!

Heart of Haute Mandie Bee: Cats on Pink

Pro tip: I wear black "bicycle" shorts under all of my dresses and skirts, or leggings in the winter. Although I do enjoy dresses, you never know when the wind might pick up, or you've gotta climb a ladder or sit cross-legged on the floor. Better to be safe than sorry.

Heart of Haute Mandie Bee: Cats on Pink

Nope, I don't iron. Not if I can help it. Deal.

Heart of Haute Mandie Bee: Cats on Pink

I'm still breaking in these shoes from Kenneth Cole (purchased via Zappos). They pinch the top of my foot a little bit at the front end. But once they get broken in and stretch out just a smidge, they should be fine. I really like the ballet shoe elastic criss-cross at the ankle style.

Heart of Haute Mandie Bee: Cats on Pink

In other news: Hey check it out! I painted my nails! They had gotten longer than usual, so instead of cutting them down, I decided to just go for it and paint them a nice green color (Halloween witchy-vibes)... It lasted about 3-4 days before they chipped too much and I removed the polish altogether. I can't decide if I'll finally cut them, or if I should try a new shade, like purple.

Heart of Haute Mandie Bee: Cats on Pink
Ice Age ring - Alicia Hannah Naomi / wedding band (black diamonds) - custom
I've been trying to remember to wear my wedding rings and my favorite Alicia Hannah Naomi ring most days, with varying degrees of success. I can't sleep of shower with rings on, so I take them off and forget to put them back on each day. Gotta work on that.

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