Bento Report, V.9: Summer Edition

The Bento Report is a regular feature on the blog where I show you what's in my lunch for a few select days over the past couple of weeks. It's informational because I am a post weight-loss surgery patient who is also a vegetarian/pescetarian, but also fun because I love the idea of bento lunches and have fun making my lunch look cute and/or making it fit into unique lunchbox container constraints.

You can view past posts of my Bento Report series here. Information on where I buy bento boxes and accessories in this post here.

It's summer break, so I'm not taking my lunch to work regularly (since I don't go to work, woo hoo!), but I am taking several classes over the summer, two of which are six eight-hour days in a row. Ugh. So I have to bring my lunch (along with snacks, and copious amounts of iced coffee...), and I thought I'd share some of the bento arrangements that I came up with:

Bento Report V.9

At the beginning of the week, I'm usually pretty prepared and I can take my time to make a fun lunch using fancy picks and little colorful containers:

  1. Grape tomatoes
  2. Smoked string cheese, cut into chunks (fits into the bento box better)
  3. Two mini peanut butter cups for dessert
  4. Salt container (for the tomatoes or watermelon)
  5. Mini Tupperware O'Vitamins (full details on this post, if you're interested)
  6. Teriyaki tofu (from Trader Joe's) - cut into bite sized chunks
  7. Watermelon w/fun eyeball and leaf picks (helps keep your hands clean!)

Bento Report V.9

As the week goes on, I tend to get more hectic and stressed, and my lunches get less cute and all packed into one box. Here's a hybrid lunch, made with cute bento stuff and some "regular" stuff... but it all still fits nicely into my Hello Kitty lunch bag, as seen in the next photo. Here's the details:

  1. Hard-boiled egg in cute bento egg holder
  2. Feta cheese and watermelon chunks in tiny bento container
  3. Mini Tupperware O'Vitamins
  4. Greek yogurt + strawberries (I just used a small Tupperware bowl for this)
  5. Crushed pretzels, for yogurt topping (try it instead of granola - it's yummy!) - just used a small Tupperware to store it
  6. Pre-portioned cocoa dusted almonds (I keep these in my emergency snack bag!)

Bento Report V.9

See? It all fits into the lunchbox nicely, even though I didn't use a main "box" that day. I call that a lazy bento.

I tend to buy lunch stuff, and repeat it several days in a row for lunch, which is why you'll see certain things over and over again, like string cheese, tofu, or watermelon. On weeks that I buy faux hot dogs, I eat one pretty much every day (since they come in a pack of five, and you should really eat them within a week of opening).

Okay, last one for today:

Bento Report V.9

  1. Tiny snickers and peanut butter cup dessert
  2. Mini Tupperware O'Vitamins
  3. Smoked string cheese and marinated teriyaki tofu on skewers
  4. Garlic clove stuffed green olives
  5. Salt container (for cucumbers)
  6. Cucumber slices
This week, I had a cucumber that I was putting in my water bottle every day (I have one of those infuser water bottles with the plastic "cage" in the center), but I still had a chunk to use up before the end of the week - hence, cucumber slices as a snack. 

I usually don't eat all of this in one sitting; rather, I eat parts of it throughout the day, and typically can finish it by the end of the day (3:00-ish). I do however, I have a snack bag that I keep in my work bag for unexpected hunger attacks filled with protein bars and individually portioned snacks, like almonds or crackers. Yep, it's a lot to plan ahead, but it feels so much better to be organized and have options when you're out and hunger strikes!

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