Bento Report, V.8

The Bento Report is a regular feature on the blog where I show you what's in my lunch for a few select days over the past couple of weeks. It's informational because I am a post weight-loss surgery patient who is also a vegetarian/pescetarian, but also fun because I love the idea of bento lunches and have fun making my lunch look cute and/or making it fit into unique lunchbox container constraints.

You can view past posts of my Bento Report series hereInformation on where I buy bento boxes and accessories in this post here.

Bento Report V.8
  1. Mini tupperware of vitamins
  2. Leftover broccoli (from previous night's dinner)
  3. Smoked string cheese
  4. Vegan smashed chickpea salad (from this recipe)
This smashed chickpea salad was delicious! Most of the smashed chickpea recipes I had found had avocado in it, and I was fresh out of avocados, so I tried the recipe linked above, and it was so good! I'd use this like a replacement for tuna salad for those truly vegan. (I'm not vegan, but I love trying out vegan recipes!)

Bento Report V.8
  1. Mini tupperware of vitamins
  2. Tortilla chips
  3. "Guiltless Guacamole Dip" by Hungry Girl (recipe here)
  4. Faux hot dogs and string cheese, cut into chunks and made into mini skewers
Faux/tofu hot dogs are my newest favorite lunch item because they're so easy to pack and eat - I usually don't even bother to heat them up! So lazy. This guacamole dip wasn't much like guacamole at all, since it's about 1/2 avocado and 1/2 greek yogurt, but it was still super yummy. The only problem is that it makes a TON, so do this when you want to share. Otherwise it turns all brown. Trust me, I know. :(

Bento Report V.8
  1. Mini tupperware of vitamins
  2. Watermelon and feta cheese, cut into chunks
  3. Faux hot dog
  4. String cheese, cut into chunks
Enter the tofu dogs again (hey they come in a pack of like 8, so I can get a whole week's worth of lunches, plus extra, out of one pack!). Also, have you had watermelon with feta cheese? It is amazing. Probably will be my go-to summer food this year. 

Bento Report V.8
  1. Mini tupperware of vitamins
  2. Leftovers from previous night's dinner (see details below)
  3. Feta cheese and watermelon skewers
  4. String cheese, cut into chunks
  5. Roasted seaweed strips
My leftovers consisted of frozen faux chicken strips, frozen broccoli, frozen pepper strips, canned rinsed chickpeas, and a jar of peanut sauce from Trader Joe's. I toss them all into a big saute pan and heat until cooked through. Todd eats this over rice, and I just eat it as-is (I can't really tolerate much rice, so I just skip it if possible).

So that's an overview of lunch for the past few weeks. They're not all nice, neat, or cute like these, but I try. :)

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