Throw Your Resolution Out the Window!

 photo marilyn-yoga_zpsf975e995.jpgOh, the New Year Resolution…The dreaded “I’m gonna lose 10 pounds!” I don’t know about you, but I lose about 5 lbs and then say screw it…EVERY year. Well, THIS year I threw the resolution crap out the window & started focusing on the bigger picture...So far so good!!! I've lost 6 lbs and I'm on the road to 6 more! The key to my success has been mega-focusing instead of micro-focusing. I've been doing small, gradual things to keep my weight down and my mood up! Here are three of my most successful tips for success!
 photo Photo_zps56125edc.jpg 1) Stay Hydrated
I HATE drinking water, but I find when I’m hydrated I feel much better physically and mentally. I literally have to trick myself into drinking more water.

  • Buy water bottles with straws – Less mess & more fun to drink.
  • Adding frozen fruit to your water bottle makes water tasty without all of the sugar and extra crap.
  • Freeze lemon juice and add to your water as ice cubes
 photo Photo-3_zps954324ff.jpg 2) Set a Goal & Get Moving
Think about a broader goal that is realistic and attainable. My goal is to fit more comfortably into my clothes (notice that I didn't put a specific weight or certain clothing item). Once I set my broad goal I knew I had to tweak my diet and start and exercise routine. Now, I tend to be a tad klutzy… For example...I used to kick box, play roller derby, and run…ALL of which resulted in some sort of bad injury. Now-a-days I tend to lean towards more body-friendly exercise. Try exercises that works well with your body & lifestyle.  
  • Yoga – Relaxes your muscles and relieves your mind while toning your soft spots.
  • Walking – Don’t knock it until you try it, people! Walk 20 mins a day…
  • Weight lifting – You can tone your arm muscles with 5lb weights on commercial breaks.
  • Apps – there are TONS of exercise apps out there. Find one you like an use it 3 times a week! 
 photo Photo-2_zpsf3df1f8c.jpg
3) Sneak Some Healthy Substitutes  
I LOVE food and I have such a hard time eating "diet" food. I have found it very helpful to look up healthy alternatives to fatty ingredients in my favorite recipes. 
  • Pinterest - you can find some wonderful and tasty low cal recipes on Pinterest
  • AllRecipes.com - You can search for healthy recipes by meal, low calorie, or makeover
  • Also, don't be afraid to eat your favorite foods, just try and limit the portion sizes. 
The important thing to remember is that, while you ARE making a lifestyle change you are making it gradually & you're putting less pressure on yourself in order to succeed.

Until next time!
~Steph @ Calamity Layne  

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