2014: Epic Year in Review Post

Most bloggers do their "year in review" posts prior to NYE, and spend the first week discussing resolutions and such. But I do not follow such patterns. Call it laziness, eh, whatever. Here's a Betties N Brimstone year in review for you.


In January, Lisa joined the Betties N Brimstone crew! Yayy!

Food Features: Lisa's Chocolate Chip Cookies, Veggie Brunch Casserole, Crockpot Potato Soup
Some Fave DIYs: Coffee Cup Sleeve, Wire Name Bracelet, Bloody Mary Bar
Vintage Features: Vintage wares at work: curing the cubicle blues
OOTD Spotlights: Dinosaur dress on NYE, Three Dots and a Dash


Lisa got engaged, and I got to hug Leslie Hall!

Food Features: Vegetarian Tomato, Tortellini, and Sausage Soup, Party Pancake Bar
Some Fave DIYs: Soap-Making, Graceland-Style Rock Wall,
OOTD Spotlights: Skull Valentine, I Love Leslie Hall


Food Features: Vegan Banana Muffins
Some Fave DIYs: Paper Mache Letters, Altered Dress DIY
Vintage Features: Vintage Accents for Spring
OOTD Spotlights: Slayer Dress @ Justin Timberlake, Black and Leopard


Some Fave DIYs: I Made a T-Shirt Dress!, Canopy Tent Weights, Retro Goth Manicure
Vintage Features: Vintage Planter Update
OOTD Spotlights: Thrift Shop Score, Dude Shirts for Big Girls
Out and About: Ghost @ The Vic, Dell Rhea Chicken Basket

May: May

Food Features: Black Bean Brownies, Green Hummus
Some Fave DIYs: Sandwich Board Shop Sign, Easy Summer Hairstyle
Vintage Features: Incorporating Vintage Pieces into your Everyday Style
OOTD Spotlights: Scissors Dress, T-Shirt and Jeans


Food Features: Pickled Radishes, BBQ/Pot Luck Recipe Round-Up, Cold Brew How-To
Some Fave DIYs: Craft Show Display DIY Round-Up
Vintage Features: Vintage Americana-inspired July 4th Decor
OOTD Spotlights: Wednesday Dress, Hand-Me-Ups


Food Features: Baked Custard, Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins, Steph's Top 5 Kitchen Cheats
Some Fave DIYs: Toddler Punk Rock Denim Vest
Vintage Features: Incorporating Vintage and Modern Decor, Clever Re-Use for Everyday Items
OOTD Spotlights: Maxi Dress


I let everyone in on my big adventure that lay ahead. I began a new feature, called Monday Love!

Food Features: Vegetarian Corn Salad, Vegan English Pea Soup
Some Fave DIYs: Vintage-inspired Cowgirl Skirt, Funky Floral Arrangements
Vintage Features: 10 New Uses for a Vintage Household Item
Out and About: NIN + Soundgarden, Mitsuwa


I started a new food feature, The Bento Report, where I show you some of my tiny lunches that I try to make more fun.

Food Features: Bento Box Lunches, Hatchery Tasting Box
Some Fave DIYs: Steph's Closet Renovation
OOTD Spotlights: Fruit Brooch with Leopard, Glasses and Denim


Lisa got married! (She's taking a short break right now, but will be back in this new year!)

Food Features: All Things Pumpkin, Bento Report V.3
Some Fave DIYs: Detox Bath, Halloween Wreath
Vintage Features: Flea Market Shopping Tips for Newbies
OOTD Spotlights: The Halloween Spirit, Season of the Witch, Maleficent Cape


Food Features: Salted Whiskey Caramels, Bento Report V.4
OOTD Spotlights: Chunky Scarf, Ballet Skirts and Leather Jackets, Long Lace Skirt


Food Features: The Best Tuna Steak Marinade Ever
Some Fave DIYs: Molasses Cookie Sugar Scrub, Stamped Table Runner, Beaded Christmas Tree
Vintage Features: Unleashing New Potential in Vintage Kitchen Items
OOTD Spotlights: Basement Dweller, Winter Cape, Cheap Date

Wow, what a year! When you look at it all in one list like this, it's pretty amazing all that we've accomplished! Great job, ladies!

Here's to an even more awesome 2015!

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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