10 Vintage-Inspired Dresses Under $60.00 for Normal Sized Women

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Howdy, Y'all!
I know how frustrating it can be to find vintage pieces in a larger size at a good price. At times it feel nearly impossible to find something. Well I've got good news for you! If you're ok with wearing reproduction pieces, these 10 vintage-inspired dresses are the perfect fit for you!

Lindy Bop 'Juliet' Kitsch Vintage 1950's Floral Tea Dress
XS - 4X
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Lindy Bop Women's 'Amelia' Vintage WW2 1940's Landgirl Tea Dress
XS - 3X
 photo two_zpse425443f.png
Hell Bunny 40s 50s Mae West Tea Dress Turquoise
L - 3X
 photo Three_zps779d8fab.png
Lindy Bop Women's Tiffany' 1950's Collared Pencil Wiggle Dress
XS - 4X
 photo four_zps974bc670.png
Lindy Bop Women's 'Myrtle' Classy Vintage 1950's Halter Neck Flared Swing Party Dress
XS - 4X

 photo five_zps6b8a87fd.png
Miusol® Women's Scoop Neck Contrast Vintage Bridesmaid Cocktail Dress
S - 2X
 photo six_zpsc12f8e3b.png
Hell Bunny Birdy Dress
XS - 4X

 photo seven_zpsfb6a3dcc.png
Hell Bunny Ingrid Dress
2X Plus - 4X Plus

 photo eight_zps800e7f6f.png
Lindy Bop Women's 'Audrey' Classy Floral Print Hepburn Style Vintage 1950's Dress
S - 4X

 photo nine_zps2d33fb64.png
Lindy Bop Women's 'Daria' Vintage 1950's Audrey Hepburn Style Swing Dress
XS - 4X

 photo ten_zps52ecc15d.png

Until next time!
~Steph @ Calamity Layne

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