A Winter Cape

Winter Capes OOTD
cape - Sheinside / boots - MooShoes.com / leggings - Target / skirt - ASOS Curve / long sleeve tee - Target

I read a lot of blogs, and I am easily swayed by a mention or photo of something that catches my eye to go out and buy it - particularly if the price is right! So when I spied this post by Danielle at Sometimes Sweet regarding winter coats, I was sold on this stripey cape.

It took a little while for my cape to arrive (they're international), and when it did, I realized that it's not actually substantial enough to be an actual winter coat. Hey, I paid less than $30 for it - you DO get what you pay for. 

I was not sad about this though, because this cape is AWESOME for cozy warm everyday dressing!

Winter Capes OOTD

I wore this on parent-teacher conference night, and I felt dressy/professional enough for the event, yet comfy enough for a long day of work. And... pockets! Big pockets.

Winter Capes OOTD

Don't worry about my coat predicament - I ended up scoring an awesome military-style Hell Bunny coat via eBay for a great price (I'll talk about it and show you more in a later post).

This is my second cape this season. Heh - I'm starting a trend.

Winter Capes OOTD

Here's a close-up of the collar. The fabric itself is kind of fuzzy, like fleece. I paired the ensemble with my trusty combat boots, also good for an extra-long day at work.

Winter Capes OOTD

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