Monday Love, V.6

Monday Love

What I'm loving lately...

Monday Love

Halloween stuff at 50% off or more! I found these cups at Walgreens. I have a Hello Kitty and a Betsey Johnson cup like this, too. When Iggy broke the top of my Hello Kitty cup, I purchased a different cup from Michaels (yep, the craft store, who knew?) for like a dollar and just kept the parts that needed to be replaced. These cheapy plastic straw cups are my favorite, and the perfect size for toting home-made cold-brew in the mornings from home.

Speaking of cold brew...

Monday Love

These coffees from Dark Matter are so good. Lisa took me to Osmium Coffee Bar on one of our city adventures one day, and I picked up some Unicorn Blood to put in the Toddy for cold brew. Todd's comment was "it's probably the greatest cold brew that I've ever had." Then, when we arrived at The Vic theater early for King Diamond a few weeks ago, I realized that Osmium was literally right around the corner. We walked over and I not only picked up some more Unicorn Blood, but some Mastodon Black Blood, too! Basically, the most metal coffee ever.

Monday Love

I got a new tiny bento box and it's HELLO KITTY! This is seriously adorable. It's probably useful as a snack box for most people - big enough for pretzels and hummus or cheese and crackers. But I've been feeling not-so-awesome lately and haven't been able to eat as much, so this size is actually perfect if I plan the contents thoughtfully.

Monday Love
Monday Love

These are my new favorite earrings. They look like staples! I bought them on Etsy.

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