The Halloween Spirit!

The Halloween Spirit!
tights - We Love Colors / skirt - eShakti / t-shirt - ebay / sweater - Target / shoes - ? / earrings - Nordstrom / brooch - Luxulite
A few weeks back you would have read reviews about Lisa and Steph's experience with eShakti... unfortunately, my eShakti dress is too small and STILL does not zip up completely, despite it being a size 16! Sheesh. The things those numbers do to your mental state!

My point is that I still can't show you the dress that I was given c/o eShakti, but I can show you this skirt that I purchased from them! This is also a size 16, and seems to fit just fine because it's just a skirt. So, busty girls beware - the tops are a little, um, tight...

The Halloween Spirit!

I fell in love with this skirt (the Dahlia Crinoline) design because of it's goth-ness and resemblance to a tutu. Also, I was given an awesome discount via the Junebugs and Georgia Peaches blog, which made the purchase financially viable.

Rather than dressing up the skirt with a fancy blouse and sparkly cardigan (which you could totally do for a holiday party or something along those lines...), I decided to go in a completely different direction and pair my skirt with a regular t-shirt - my favorite fashion look I gleaned off of Erin at Zero Style blog (where have you been Erin? I love your blog!).

Eddie on my Iron Maiden shirt is a skeleton, which I decided to turn into a Halloween-themed ensemble by adding my favorite striped Target cardigan and my NEW LUXULITE HALLOWEEN BROOCH FROM LISA!

The Halloween Spirit!

I know I've mentioned my desire for a Luxulite Halloween brooch a few times now, so how awesome was it to find out that Lisa snagged me one?! At the time of this writing, there are actually a few brooches in the shop available to buy (!!!), so go go go if you're interested!

The Halloween Spirit!

Details: wedge mary janes (now that the weather is cooler, I've been able to switch up my shoes more...) and Iron Maiden - I love the pink and purples in this women's cut XXL shirt! I found it on eBay a few summers ago, after I decided that an Iron Maiden shirt was a wardrobe staple in this post.

The Halloween Spirit!

More details: pink eyeshadow, cat eye, and dangle skull earrings that Lisa and I both own.

Side note: I'm pretty sure I was on day three or four of no hair washing, hence the Princess Leia buns in the hair...!!!

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