The Bento Report, V.1

My lunch does not always look cute. But there are some days that I make my lunch and I think, "ooh that one looks really nice!" - so I've been taking photos of them, and I thought that it might be fun to share. Especially because I eat (sort of) weird things now that I'm on the post-weight-loss-surgery program, and also because I don't eat "meat!" (I am, however, a pescetarian - I eat fish and seafood.)

Here are a couple of cute lunches from last week. I'll break them down for you below:

The Bento Report
  1. Mini skewers of colby jack cheese and green grapes. I used frilly toothpicks.
  2. Tiny plum tomatoes with fun leaf-shaped picks in them.
  3. Smoked salmon. I can only eat a little bit.
  4. Cream cheese. For the bites of salmon.
  5. Dark chocolate and sea salt almonds!
  6. My chicken salt shaker (for the tomatoes).
  7. Tiny tupperware with my vitamins/meds for lunchtime.
The Bento Report
  1. My chicken salt shaker (for the tomatoes). 
  2. I mixed some greek yogurt with taco seasoning to make a dipping sauce. 
  3. Single-serve guacamole. Still too large for the bento box. I improvised. 
  4. Tiny tomatoes - this time with eyeballs! 
  5. Babybel cheese. Great for all lunches, bento or not. 
  6. (Under the cheese): Vitamins in a tiny Tupperware. 
  7. Two chunks of mini meatloaf made with fake meat! (Recipe to come soon...) 
  8. String cheese chunks and green grapes on frilly toothpicks. A good mid-morning snack.

I'm still honing my bento skills, and I practice on Iggy's meals quite a bit. He enjoys peanut butter and jelly "bats" I make using a Halloween cookie cutter, and "star cheese" - which is any sliced cheese that has been cut out with my small star-like flower cutter.

I've got some new gadgets on my wishlist and ideas in mind for future lunches/snacks I'd like to try out, so there will definitely be more to come!

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