Monday Love, V.4

Iggy and I have become big fans of Erika's bento box videos on YouTube. After only watching a couple, Iggy declared Erika his "girlfriend" and asked to watch more. Hopefully there will be some new ones soon!

Find her on tumblr, too: http://lunchisabattlefield.tumblr.com/

Have you ever tried out using Gazelle to sell your old phone or laptop? I have - twice! It was an awesome experience both times. I sold my iPhone 3 (heh heh) and my old MacBookPro to Gazelle, and couldn't be happier. They were just sitting on a shelf, gathering dust - why not get some extra cash for them?

Blick Wishlist
It should come as no surprise that I love art supply shopping. Here are some of my favorites and things that I'd like to try from Blick:
  1. Pilot Bravo Marker Pens
  2. Papermate Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick
  3. Zig Memory System Millennium Markers
  4. Alvin Brass Bullet Pencil Sharpener - aka the best sharpener ever
  5. Moleskine Cahier Notebooks
My Keiko Lynn glasses from BonLook arrived! I ordered the "Miku Mint" color. They're definitely a statement accessory, but I'm so excited to have them! I've been wanting a change from my usual black glasses, and meaning to try something new. These are good.

Glasses and Pin

I ordered a super cute brooch from Luxulite, and I am in love! The size of these pins are really substantial, and I really like that. Fingers crossed that I'll be able to snag a Halloween brooch this year - I really want one, but they go so fast!

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