Fruit Brooch with Leopard

Fruit Brooch with Leopard
dress - Target / sweater - hand me down / brooch - Luxulite / leggings - Torrid
This leopard dress is the same dress as the one I wore in this post and this post - but it's not the EXACT same dress... it's two sizes smaller! Woo hoo! My friend Megan and I bought the same dress from Target at the same time almost two years ago. Megan has been busting her butt working out and following the Jenny Craig plan and she's lost like 30 pounds - go Megan!

So, Megan's former "fat" clothes become my present "skinny" clothes. To each his/her own. Lisa was kind enough to do the same for me earlier in the summer, too - passing on her too-big clothing to me. I really appreciate not having to buy a new wardrobe every time I drop a size, so this has been super helpful.

Fruit Brooch with Leopard

Oh yeah, the sweater was also formerly Megan's! Check out my free outfit! Score!

Fruit Brooch with Leopard

The neutral palette of the outfit was the perfect opportunity to show off my new brooch from Luxulite! I've been a big fan of her designs, and lusting over a fruit salad brooch for a while now. This design is glorious - not only is it a complete fruit salad with a variety of all of the fruits that I wanted, but there's a GLITTER bar holding it all together! So amazing! Now that I have this beautiful design, I really really want one of her Halloween brooches - so I'll just have to stalk her shop until that happens!

Fruit Brooch with Leopard

Now that the weather is cooling off, I'll have more shoe options than these dang Danskos you're always staring down at. Also, my feet seem to be doing a teeny bit better now that I've taken off 30+ pounds! Oh sweet relief!

Fruit Brooch with Leopard

Today's hair was brought to you by this tutorial here.

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