DIY Funky Floral Arrangements

 photo Title_zpsf8128071.jpgHi y’all!
I bought this SWEET white vase from Magnolia Market …Unfortunately, it arrived broken so I had to glue it back together. Anyway, the cracks were really bugging me, so I decided to go shop for some of those spriggy floral arrangement sticky looking things from World Market in order to cover the cracks. They were 15 bucks or more! WAY too expensive… for me anyway. As I was driving to work the next day I noticed some dead thistle (aka: weeds) on the side of the road and had an idea!
 photo paint_zps6e14c325.jpg For this project you will need:
  • Dead thistles cut at your desired length
  • Spray paint in the desired color
  • Clear coat spray paint
 photo Dry_zps0be99191.jpg Step One:
Dry out or find a dead thistle…they are everywhere…Just don’t get caught by the fuzz if you’re in an area where picking flowers or weeds is prohibited. Once you have your plant, pull out all existing seeds and check to make sure you plant is clear of all wildlife.
 photo Dried_zps561d72ab.jpg Step Two:
Prep an outside area for spray painting and place your thistle plant in the middle.
 photo sprayed_zps93233165.jpg Step Three:
Spray paint, let dry a few minutes, flip the plant over and spray paint the other side. Repeat until desired color is reached. Then, spray the entire plant with clear coat spray paint.
 photo Done_zps7954686a.jpg
Step Four:
Let it dry completely and then place in desired receptacle.
Done and done!

Until next time…

~Steph @ Calamity Layne

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