10 New Uses for a Vintage Household Item

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Hiya all!
You may remember KickAss Frog from such shows as Vintage Garage 2014 1 & 2...Well, he's back...Starring in this blog post and showing you 10 new ways to use a vintage household item!

Use #1 
Toothbrush and soap holder (the original intended use).
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Use #2
His and hers razor holder.
 photo Shave_zpse2c1dc76.jpg
Use #3
Makeup and makeup brush holder.
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Use #4
Daily skincare caddy.
 photo skincare_zps37e693b2.jpg
Use #5
Ring holder
 photo rings_zpsca709ba9.jpg
Use #6
Business card and pen holder.
 photo businesscards_zps3ea8c3cd.jpg
Use #7
Spoon holder.
 photo spoon_zps0aa7c416.jpg
Use #8
Office caddy.  photo officepostit_zpsf722902d.jpg
Use #9
Napkin & individual cutlery holder.  photo picnic_zpsa8c17299.jpg
Use #10
Tea bag and tea spoon holder.
 photo tea_zps01f8bc08.jpg
Let's have a round of applause for KickAss Frog...he's exhausted! Now I challenge you! Pick any vintage item of your choice can you think of any new uses for it??

Until next time!
~Steph @ Calamity Layne

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