The Betties N Brimstone Guide to Bang Styles

Bang Styles

I love having bangs, and for most of my life, I've had them. One of my favorite things about them is how many different ways there are to wear them! In this post, I detail four different kinds of bang styles...

Bang Styles

Sideswept Bangs: 
#tbt! These photos from 2009 show my hair when I had long sideswept bangs (and a bleached streak!) I love the look of sideswept bangs, but truth is that they were kind of tricky to style and to get to stay in place. Hairspray was my best friend. Most days, I just kind of pushed them back in with the rest of my hair, hence the only "good" pictures I have are from weddings when I had my hair done professionally!

Bang Styles

Bang Styles

Blunt Bangs:
When I chose to ditch the sideswept bangs, the next step for me was a blunt style of bangs. This straight-across cut is easy to style, provided that you get them trimmed often to your preferred length. My personal favorite is right at the eyebrows, but many girls prefer a slightly shorter look. (P.S. Look how skinny I was in these photos!)

FYI - Blunt bangs are Lisa's preferred style!

Bang Styles

Bang Styles

Diagonal Bangs:
For a while now, I've had diagonal-cut bangs. I'm a big fan of this style, and I can usually go for longer periods between trims with this style. In fact, when they got too long, I'd often just start sweeping them to the side, a la 2009.

Bang Styles

Bang Styles

Bettie Bangs:
Just last week, I jumped on the bettie bangs bandwagon and changed my style yet again! Bettie bangs are a rounded bang - longer in the center, and shorter on either end. This style of bangs is named after Bettie Page, and the look is very retro/rockabilly. If you choose this style, make sure that you find a hairdresser that's familiar with retro/rockabilly styles, so that your trims are done correctly. Thankfully, we have Megan at Floyd's 99 in La Grange, IL to keep us looking sharp!

FYI - Bettie bangs are Steph's preferred style, too!

Bang Styles

With so many different options for bangs, which one will you choose?!

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress
dress - Target / cardigan - Forever 21+ / earrings - via Etsy / flip flops - Cheeks

Hey! Long time no see! After a long hiatus from outfit posts, I'm back! During the summer, I can rarely drag my butt outta bed and shower, let alone put on an outfit even slightly worthy of taking photos. I can't even make any guarantees as to when you'll see me again, either. But let's just enjoy this time we have, ok?

Maxi Dress

I fell in love with this dress after seeing Meagan Kyla of Coffin Kitsch wear it on her blog. Of course, she has a very different body type than me, but I bought the biggest size available and was pleasantly surprised at the fit! What you don't see here is the approximately 4 inches or so that I had to take off of the length! But since it was a pretty inexpensive dress with fairly simple t-shirt material, I DIY-ed the hem using a zig zag stitch. Hooray!

The crochet top detail on this dress is what really won me over. So much goth-y goodness.

Maxi Dress

The dress is sleeveless, and we've had a pretty mild summer (yay!) so far here in Chicago, so I wore my studded cardigan. I seriously considered wearing a black cardigan and going full "all black, all the time" on this, but in the end I went with a little more contrast.

By the way, I cut my hair! Well, just my bangs. Later this week I'll give you more details on that, but it deserved mentioning. And summer hair typically calls for putting it up and off of my neck as much as possible, even when hanging out at home, so I'm rocking the messy bun a lot. Another advantage of this hairstyle? Less hair washing. Woo hoo!

Maxi Dress

Have I showed you these earrings on the blog yet? I bought these on Etsy as a less-expensive substitute for these lust-worthy ones from Blood Milk... maybe one day...

Maxi Dress

Ahh! My toes are on the blog again! These less-than-fashionable shoes were a hand-me-down from my mom. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that they're HSN Tony Little flip flops. LOL. But the price was right - free. I know, I know, white shoes are SO not ME. But I just go for it. They don't make my feet hurt so much. At least I got around to painting my toenails!

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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Abe's market...try for $2 deals!

Abe's Loot

If I have not said it 100x before, we have switched to healthy eating. One of the biggest helpers to this cause is Abe's Market. Abe's believes in natural products with a sense of fun! This is from their website:
"What is natural? It's a pretty straightforward question, yet in today's world the answer is anything but. It should mean purer, safer, from the earth. But when it comes to products, it has been overused—and often misused. Which leaves those of us using the word responsibly in the lurch. Consumer trust of the word natural is at an all time low, especially as it has no government certification to back it up — unlike organic. It's tricky.
At Abe's we still believe in natural. We've had many lengthy staff discussions about the word and the upshot is: We're not giving it up. We take the natural—ness of our natural products very seriously. And we value what people put on and in their bodies, as well as what they bring into their homes. We care deeply about the impact consumer products have on our shared environment. So when we use the word natural, it does mean purer, safer, from the earth. We think savvy shoppers can tell the difference between the real deal and marketing hype. And we're always sharing what natural means when it comes to the products we sell—including what it means to our Sellers. "
Recently Abe's has started a new campaign "Try for $2". With this promotion you can choose up to three items a day that are being offered for this deal, it can be anything from beauty products, cooking spices, household items and more. You choose up to three products, each one is only $2 (even if the usual retail value is higher and you pay NO SHIPPING! Now how great is that? You can take advantage of this offer daily and the items change as the days go on. It is a great way to test out fun new products to eat, clean with or if you get a lucky day....paint your nails! Abe's will email you and ask for a brief review. I think this is a fantastic program that gets customers exactly how they like it...low cost, no shipping, fun items and it changes frequently.

Above is my last order from Abe's. No, that was not ALL $6, but a few pieces were part of this deal. I enjoyed everything so much that I have ordered a few new things that were offered in the "Try for $2" deal and am having them shipped to me during my vacation in NY...did I tell you that I love Abe's?

2 of the $2

So the first that I tasted were these "Primal Strips". No, I am not a vegetarian but I really do enjoy vegetarian food and I love jerky. These did not disappoint! A little sticky but so tasty with a nice smokey flavor. With the deal, I received two of these and I was nice enough to pack it in Shane's lunch (yea, I make him lunch..he's a lucky guy!" and he called me to tell me how much he loved them! I will order again!

The second are these naughty morsels, "Emmy's Chocolate Chip Macaroons." I knew we would love these and I was lucky that there were three in a bag, enough for each of us. I DID love these and would love to order again but they were a little naughty in the calorie count. Understandably as they were made with good fats and nuts. Maybe I will get a bag AFTER the Wedding!


Now, I cheated with my last choice as I am OBSESSED with "World Peas". My first order to Abe's Market months ago included a couple of different flavors of these. They are not such a naughty snack (I do weigh them so I do not eat the entire bag" and have a great crunch. Peas are my favorite veggie (I have been known to eat a can of young peas as a snack, I am a weirdo) and I loved these garlic ones..I also bought a tomato and garlic flavor which are packed for my flight!

Check out Abe's Market for fun items, they are so much more than the "Try for $2" deal. They frequently have discounts, free shipping and such. I will be reviewing more of the fun items above...I cannot wait to try the "Haggis" chips!

Stay Sweet,

p.s. This post contains affiliate links which help us run the blog and contribute to our families. Thank you for your support!


Steph's Top 5 Kitchen Cheats

 photo TitleKitchen_zpsf15fea00.jpg
Hello there!
I don't now about you, but I don't fancy myself a Martha Stewart type...So, when I think of something clever in the kitchen...I tend to get a little giddy. I've been spending more time in the kitchen lately in order to trim my waistline and bulk up my bank account. In my quest for heavier pockets and lighter scale readings, I have run across some pretty nifty little tricks. Here are my top 5 faves!
 photo Steam_zps2bb98789.jpg
#1 Makeshift Veggie Steamer
I always used to steer clear of any recipes that called for steamed veggies because I HATE steaming them in the microwave I don't have a steaming basket. Problem solved...Last week I really wanted to try this steamed broccoli recipe...it was fortuitous that I had washed spinach in my metal colander an evening prior. I grabbed a sauce pan, filled it a quarter of the way full with water on the stove, and when it began to boil I threw my colander over top of it with broccoli in it! It steamed in 5 minutes!
 photo pasta_zps19bc2658.jpg
#2 Turkey Chili Failure, Redemption by Pasta Sauce
Because I'm SO good at planning ahead...*cough...I began making turkey chili and realized I was ALL out of canned and even fresh tomatoes...Ahhhh, I didn't want to waste all of the food I had just slapped together in one pot!....I scoured my cabinets and fridge for tomatoes...(I usually keep a few cans on hand for soups and other stuff) ALL OUT! I turned to the pasta section in my pantry and found a jar of pasta sauce...italian sausage style...I ended up using that and doubling up on the chili powder & cumin. It turned out GREAT! Two thumbs up for Prego.
 photo rice_zps75cf5198.jpg
#3 Homemade Rice Steamer
Ok, I'm really into steaming...it's healthier ok! Anyway, I have a tendency to make soggy rice and it gets irritating. I made rice the other night with some grilled chicken and the rice finished cooking first (you know...the planning ahead thing again). So, in order to keep the rice warm I placed a kitchen towel over top of the rice pot and put the lid back on. Voila! Steamed rice...on accident!
 photo Choc_zps6348e821.jpg
#4 Melting Chocolate Without the Mess
Alright, so I was out of pots and was too lazy to wash ONE in order to melt some chocolate for strawberry dipping (It's kinda healthy, right?). Anyway, I had just made coffee and thought about the hot pad...I took a pyrex bowl (oven safe people!!!!) and put it on the coffee pit burner and put the chocolate inside...Boom! Melted chocolate without soaking pots and pans.
 photo Onion_zpse4ac85ca.jpg
#5 Cutting Onions Like a Pro
Ok, I learned this over the 4th of July because I suck at cutting onions and my friend couldn't take it anymore...Honestly, I'm still suck at cutting them this way too...HOWEVER, for those of you with patience and onion cutting chops...you might excel in your efforts with this tip.
1. Cut your onion in half.
2. Cut lines into the "face: of your onion longways, but leave the outer-most skin in tact...(think bloomin' onion)
3. Cut the onion into "slices" and you will have tiny cubed onions for your next meal.

Until next time!
~Steph @ Calamity Layne

Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys - Roly Poly:


Vacation dreams...

While out in Las Vegas with Todd, I was contacted by a content director from Vegas.com to participate in the #MyVegasStyle blog challenge. Since I actually DID stay at the Aria while in Las Vegas, they asked if I'd share my take on a day at the Aria, and show how I'd transition my outfits throughout the day...

Now that I'm back from Vegas, I think I can look back and show you what experience has taught me, and give you a good idea of how I'd do it all over again, and what I'd change, or keep the same!

Vegas Gothabilly Style

One of the things I love MOST about vacation is not having to do anything, and getting LOTS of lounge around time at the hotel! Todd like to keep the room nice and chilly, so I'd pack a long comfortable dress, like these maxi dresses (still acceptably goth in black, of course!), and a pair of flat comfortable shoes! When we were in Vegas, I didn't bring a pair of "lounge-around" shoes, and I ended up buying flip flops from the Elements gift shop, just to hang around the hotel! I like these sweet skeleton loafers WAY better though, don't you?

We spent a lot of time just hanging out, playing games on our phone, and even had a Facetime call back home to Iggy. I think that this awesome knuckle phone case (pictured above) would've been perfect for all the phone time I had!

As you all know already, our big event in Vegas was our vow renewal with Elvis! I made a little collage of items inspired by (and some the same as!) what I wore to our ceremony. I wouldn't change anything about that! After our ceremony, we went out for dinner and walked around downtown Vegas.
Vegas Gothabilly Style
see how I included some awesome Hell Razor stuff up in here?

My favorite restaurant in the Aria was Javier's! They has awesome Mexican food and really cool decor with skulls and skeletons that had kind of a goth flair. We sat in a round booth in an alcove-like space, and our waiter was really friendly. There's great mood lighting inside, too. I'd go back again in a heartbeat! I think Javier's would have been a great place to hang out in my rockabilly wedding getup after the ceremony!

We did not spend any time at the pool while at the Aria (what a shame!), but if we did, I just bought a really cute polka-dotted retro-esque suit from Swimsuits For All that would've been perfect! It's not too different from the one pictured below, actually. And check out those rad mermaid wedges!

Vegas Gothabilly Style

When we were in Vegas, we went to see a Cirque du Soleil show (the Beatles LOVE), but the Aria has a Cirque show of their own right in the hotel! If I got the chance to go back, I'd wear a little Wednesday Addams-inspired getup, sort of like this, for a night out with a show like Zarkana at the Aria:

Vegas Gothabilly Style

So there you have it! My vacation outfit wish list! I might have to use some of these ideas (especially the hotel lounge-around getup) for my next actual trip... like Lisa's wedding in New York in October! Hmm, I'll start saving my pennies now!

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor

p.s. For full details on all of the individual items in the boards pictured above, please visit my profile and boards at Polyvore.com!

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The Bouqs: beautiful flowers, less hassle!

The Bouqs

Sending online flowers has never been easier! I was contacted by The Bouqs to review a bouquet of flowers from their site. At first, I was wondering why I would be someone to review flowers... they're cool and all, but it's not like a main topic we write about on the blog. But then I thought, hey - who doesn't like a pretty vase of flowers in their house?

So I checked out the site, and I was really impressed by the simple, modern bouquets of flowers that were offered, as opposed to the fussy, cheeseball-vase arrangements that you can order from other online flower ordering sites. Not to mention that what your recipient gets is often not quite what you see on the screen (more "filler" flowers, a smaller size then expected...) 

Have you ordered flowers online before? I have, and I'm always a little disappointed with the process. I budget maybe $40-50 for an arrangement to send to a friend, and I end up spending another $10-15 or so on shipping, and then I have to thwart a bunch of "upsell" items (Don't you want to be an awesome friend and add a balloon for an extra $5? Well, you must not really want them to get well soon then?! - Ugh, Catholic guilt, go away!!!) ...it's frustrating, to say the least. And I always end up spending way too much... well, at least more than I had originally budgeted.

Well, with The Bouqs, you pay a flat $40 (which includes shipping) for your entire order! There are a variety of arrangements to choose from:

The Bouqs
(...and more! This is just a selection of what's offered on the site.)

The Bouqs

I selected the "Confetti" Bouq, which is a dozen roses in assorted colors. They arrived at my house via FedEx, in a long box as shown above. The recipient then will have to remove the protective packaging surrounding the blooms, and fill a vase with water. (There's also a packet of flower food to add to your water.)

The Bouqs

Trim the stems, and arrange them into your vase! Boom! Beautiful roses!

The Bouqs

Not only can you send flowers for a one-time event, The Bouqs also has programs to send blooms on a regular, on-going basis to your home (or recipient of your choice), and to schedule deliveries via their concierge service, so that you never miss a special occasion!

Want your own Bouq? You can enter the discount code WELCOME15 at checkout for 15% off your first order, plus FREE shipping!

Please note: this post contains affiliate links, and I was sent a free Bouq in return for an honest review. All opinions are honest and truly my own!

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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Rockabilly Tiki Show This Weekend!

Rockabilly Tiki Show!
Jen and I will be vending at Vintage Garage Chicago this Sunday! We've got a bunch of vintage midcentury, rockabilly, and tiki items for sale, as well as Jen's Hell Razor hair flower accessories! Come on out for a good time! ;)

Until next time!
~Steph @ Calamity Layne

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Art Studio Organization

Art Studio/Craft Room Organization

My art studio (the Hell Razor studio) is in a spare bedroom of our 3-bedroom house. I love this room, because it's painted pink, and I have all of my favorite things on display to keep me motivated and inspired when I work. A long long time ago, I posted some photos of the studio (hmm I should probably do an updated post!), so for now you can check that out (apologies for the tiny photos - I tried re-sizing them, but the original size is what you see - they'd get pixely if I enlarge them...).

My focus today is on some of my organizing tricks and fun ways to keep my items on hand and on display, so that you can personalize your own work space with some of these tips you think that they might work for you, too!

My first tip is to display and store ribbon on an inexpensive curtain rod: this large one is from Ikea. I also have some overflow ribbon spools in/on a wire basket/paper towel rack that hangs on the wall... By the way, I have a bunch of black and white striped ribbon on hand right now because I anticipate using it for Lisa's wedding flowers in October! Exciting!

Art Studio/Craft Room Organization

I have little racks with hooks in a couple of places in the art studio. I get these from places like Target, or even Home Depot. What are they usually for? Potholders? Dog leashes? They're not quite large enough for coats, but too big for keys... Hmm... Well, I use hooks for beads, chains, necklaces, rosaries, and my sweet DIY Motley Crue apron. One of these sets of hooks (not pictured) is used for finished necklaces, as opposed to the work in progress/parts & pieces that you see on this one below:

Art Studio/Craft Room Organization

One of my very favorite organizational tools is to repurpose an old vintage beverage set! I purchased an inexpensive wire holder for glasses (probably used to have a super awesome vintage set of glasses in it) at a thrift store, sans glasses. I kept it for a while until I could find 8 glasses that fit, but it was worth the wait! I found these plain glass ones at Ikea for only a buck or so apiece. Now, it's my amazing colored pencil holder! I opened up ALL of my sets of colored pencils, and sorted them by color... see below...

Art Studio/Craft Room Organization

When I work in colored pencil, I was always opening up a bunch of sets anyways to get the colors that I wanted, and I hated having to fit them all back into their boxes afterwards, and trying to re-locate my colors again later on. This is the PERFECT solution. Color families all organized together, and easy to use and clean up afterwards. And bonus - it looks really cool on display on my art table! This would be a really fun centerpiece for a family dining/craft room table, too.

Art Studio/Craft Room Organization

Another organizing tip that I use ALL the time is to make use of your favorite vintage pieces from the thrift store, especially if it's a slightly damaged and/or mismatched piece that you wouldn't be able to otherwise use. Above is my sole piece of Franciscan Starburst dinnerware. One day, when I am a millionaire, I will own a full set. Until that time, my little bowl houses random pieces of jewelry findings that await being transformed into something new. There's a tiny milk-glass-ish bowl from Todd that holds my stash of skull beads, too.

Art Studio/Craft Room Organization

My Temporama sugar bowl has no lid. And it's slightly discolored. I'm not sure that I'd actually use it for sugar. But it DOES make an awesome vessel for holding all of my skull-painting supplies!

Long ago, I splurged and had the closet in the art studio re-done using Elfa shelving from the Container Store. Expensive? Yes. But worth it. One of my goals this summer was to try and reorganize/clean up the closet a little bit more, as I had stashed stuff onto the shelves that had been just sitting there for a long, long time.

Art Studio/Craft Room Organization

One way that I cleaned up the closet shelves were with these wire baskets from Amazon. I love how they look, all lined up on the shelf, and I can easily see what I've stashed in them, too!

Art Studio/Craft Room Organization

Another great vintage item that can be re-purposed in the art room are ash trays! You weren't going to use them for ashes anyways, so use them like small bowls/organizing vessels. Super expert tip: you can use an ash tray as a water dish for painting - there's even a built-in brush rest!

Art Studio/Craft Room Organization

My last fun organizing tip is to use flower vases for extra long/tall items, like my "bouquet" of pipe cleaners. It's one of those craft-room supplies that I keep pushing around, not sure where to store them. But they are less annoying (dare I say, fun?) to look at when they're put into a glass vase on the desktop!

So those are my art studio organization tips... although now, I realize that I need to write an updated art studio tour post, so I guess I've just made more work for myself? No matter. Hope that you found some neat ideas that'll work for you!

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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Victoria's Secret Sports Bra Review

Note: This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria's Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.

Influenster/VS Sports Bra Review

...Originally, I was sent a "Studio" sports bra from the Victoria's Secret collection, in a size "L," which is the largest that they carry. I put it on and wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. Um, no way, Jose.

Influenster/VS Sports Bra Review

So, I went to VS with my Influenster package, and asked to exchange the "Studio" model for a better, larger, more supportive sports bra - my plan was to test it out at derby! I needed something that fits, and something that WORKS! (Interestingly enough, I went to get the link for this style, and it was not only on clearance, but also marked "no longer available..." Hmmm...)

I had to upgrade my sports bra to the "Knockout" front-close model, in... basically, the largest size that they carry. For most ladies, you should probably be fine size-wise, but I sort of hate that I'm just barely on the largest end of the spectrum. I mean, come on, Victoria's Secret, big girls are sexy too! Help a sister out!

In order to exchange for this (much more) supportive model of sports bra, I had to pay the difference, which was about 2x the price of the one I was sent. That was a major bummer. I mean, in order to be sent my initial bra, I had to fill out a bunch of questions (including my size) before it was sent out. Does Influenster even read the answers? Maybe not, because I didn't expect to be chosen for this campaign at all (due to my size), but I did anyways?

By combining my exchanged sports bra with signing up for a VS credit card (which gave me an additional $15 off), my "free" tester/review bra now cost me (with tax) around $20. So buyer beware, these sports bras are NOT cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

Influenster/VS Sports Bra Review

I wore my sports bra (sorry, no photos...!) to Derby Lite class last week to test it out. It's basically the activity that I move around in the most, so for me, this is the best test of performance.

Although I would really like to be able to get just one cup size larger, this sports bra is pretty nice. It's basically an underwire bra with a traditional sports bra layered over it. The front close make it super easy to both put on and take off after you're all sweaty and gross. Regular sports bras can be kind of an exercise in your contortionist skills at times, so this is a really nice feature.

The underwire of the base layer (first layer?) of the bra is much appreciated, too, since larger ladies really do need that type of support. I didn't feel like anything was bouncing or jiggling too much (TMI?), and it didn't feel to tight or binding either. I also really like the adjustable shoulder straps, too. Often times with other bras, they're too tight and rub against my neck/shoulders, or because I'm short, they're too long and then the main bra doesn't "hold up" the girls like it should!

Along with my sports bra, I was sent a pack of super cute "footie" socks in an array of pink and pastel colors, which I began wearing right away, as it's summertime and short socks like these are a staple for pairing with my Converse sneakers. I was also sent a pink measuring tape, in case I had to measure for my bra size, but I'm pretty well versed at this point (big girls are usually well aware of these types of things). I saved it though for measuring myself when making other online purchases, because hey, it's pink and cute.

This is a really nice sports bra, but it's way out of my price range. So, I personally wouldn't buy another one if I had to pay full price. If you've got the money to drop $62.50 on a sports bra, then by all means, do it. But my budget is more in the $20-$30 range. That being said, price is the only thing that keeps me from buying it. It's a nice sports bra that performs really well, so I was a very satisfied customer, but just not a repeat customer.

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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Three Day Juice Cleanse.

bottoms up!

To continue in my healthy quest to lose weight I decided to have Shane and I try a juice cleanse. I wanted to use Pinterest (yet again) for its recipes on how to make you own. Unfortunately our juicer is a centrifugal juicer and not one of the masticating  juicers that you need for these cleanses. What the heck does that mean?  Without technical terms it means our juice has to be drank immediately unlike a masticating juicer's juice that can rest in the fridge for 72 hours. One of my friends had done this exact cleanse via Groupon so I looked and it was still there...SCORE! So I quickly purchased one for Shane and I. We had to schedule our pick up for the juice (they suggest a 14 day time frame but kindly squeezed us in) at the Evanston location and then planned our weekend of extra clean eating (aka eat ALL the produce so we don't waste it) and started on a Monday.

The company we purchased the juice from is called "Peeled Juice Bar". It is Chicago based with two locations.  We did the "Classic Cleanse" this is what their website has to say about that :

"The Peeled Classic Cleanse gets the detox juices flowing. Our carefully selected blends of fresh, cold pressed ingredients gently guide the body to release old toxins, diminish free radicals and cleanse the blood."

Green lantern

So the premise is, for three days we only drank the juices provided (and water and plain green tea). We had 6 juices to drink every two hours. The first a green juice, then a spicy lemonade, a watermelon juice (more on this one later), green again, watermelon again and then a cashew milk at the end of the day.

Now, I was expecting a beet juice and not watermelon juice and I was upset as I thought it was a mistake. I quickly contacted "Peeled" and they promptly got back to me and told me this was the replacement for Summer as it is lighter than the beet. They offered to fix the oversight of not telling me this and that I could pick up or they would send me the beet juice. I was actually OK with the swap (as soon as I knew it was part of the cleanse) and as soon as Shane got over watermelon (weirdo does not like watermelon) we were back on track. "Peeled" even went as far to offer me a complimentary "Maintenance Pack" and two of the missing beet juices for a future visit. I was floored by their customer service. I cannot wait to go back and pick up these juices as they also sold fresh fruit Popsicle's and a kiwi one "winked" at me when we were in the store.


So how did it go? Well, day one I was really into it. I felt it was easy. I was not hungry but I did miss my daily coffee.  All the juices were tasty, the "Green Lantern" was a little more "GREEN" than I am used to but I slurped it down.

By day two I was getting a little crazy. I was a tad tired and had the desire to chew. I still kept on track and drank all of my juices but our daily family walk was tough...nothing like the smell of BBQ when you are not eating solid food.

The last day I was really tired, I only could get over half of the green down but enjoyed my other juices. I was craving to chew so badly. I actually accidentally "cheated" by popping a piece of gum in my mouth...but I was seeing a friend and felt I had "lettuce" breath! The nightly cashew milk juice was indeed a treat.

Would I do it again? Maybe, but not three days. I do feel great today. It was weird adjusting to food again. Shane and I both lost weight in the three days...some water weight I believe. I do know how great this was for our system and it made me really appreciate the fresh food we had today.

If you are local check out "Peeled Juice Bar", the juices are great, the cleanse is easy to follow (on a whole..while sacrificing chewing!) and their customer service is spot on.

Stay Sweet,
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Incorporating Vintage Into Your Modern Decor

 photo title_zps896333a6.jpg
Howdy, y'all!
You've probably never been to my house...I'm not gonna lie it's like stepping into a time warp...but, if you DID stop by, you would notice that I have a LOT of vintage stuff. It's just my style and I love it! However, most people enjoy the look of vintage pieces, but are hesitant about trying to incorporate them into their modern home decor. If this sounds like you, here are a few tips and ideas for incorporating vintage pieces into your modern home! (A quick disclaimer...the links in this post are to give you a visual on what I'm talking about. Some of the prices are scary, but just keep in mind you can find this stuff cheaper at flea markets and stores closer to home).

Subtle Vintage
If you are interested in vintage pieces, but are not into the kitsch factor, you should seek out industrial, clean mid-century modern, or older early American pieces. Wood, metal, and traditional brass pieces can blend in swimmingly with modern home designs. I particularly like to mix and match teak or darker wooden Danish mid-century modern pieces with a modern couch or dining room set. Industrial vintage pieces work great with shabby chic or farm styles and can really look fantastic in sleek modern looking spaces.
 photo Photo34_zps627e0cfa.jpg
Another incredibly easy way to achieve that subtle vintage feel is to frame vintage family photos in neutral frames and cluster them as a focal point in a hallway or in your living room.

Statement Pieces
If you are loud and proud about vintage, you should check out anything described as atomic, deco, or kitsch. A larger statement piece might be just the ticket. Think of it kind of like that giant chunky necklace you wear with your neutral dress and black heels…Same kind of thing…only with your house.
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You can use a funky 50s stool or boomerang coffee table as the focal point in your living room. I found one for $40...You just have to shop around!!! You can also invest in a fun colored Formica dining room table. Have fun with it!
 photo Photo-5_zps42da91e2.jpg
Accessorize Your Home
If you’re on a budget or like to change up your home d├ęcor often, you might want to look into accessories for your home rather than a large piece. Throw pillows, candy bowls, wall hangings, pictures….The sky is the limit! I like to find vintage kitchen pieces and display them along the top of my kitchen cabinets. You can get as creative as you want and these pieces are not nearly as expensive as dedicating to one large piece.
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Entertaining & Functional Vintage
You may feel strange about just displaying items that you can't use. a set of vintage dishes are great for display in a china cabinet AND you can use them. I have a set of Star Glow that I have been hoarding from various vintage and thrift stores around the area. You can also use smaller functional pieces like hampers, table cloths, sheets, blankets, patio furniture...There are MANY items that have held up (and will continue to hold up) years after your "made in China" Walmart item will! Don't be afraid to explore your options! ;)
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Vintage lighting is a great way to give any room a little vintage flair without being too obvious. I installed 2 vintage Sputnik light fixtures in the entryway and hallway of our house.
 photo Photo-7_zps4ab641b7.jpg
You can always find a less flashy lighting fixture like a pretty deco milk glass lighting fixture. If you’re not into a permanent fixture, you can always try out a nice sleek vintage lamp. Vintage floor lamps are also a great lighting addition to any room. You can also take a vintage lamp and add a modern shade for a little more updated look.
 photo Photo-6_zps3998358c.jpg
There are so many different things you can do with vintage pieces! Just choose pieces that inspire you and make your home feel more comfy!

Until next time!
~Steph @ Calamity Layne
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