Standard Goth OOTD

Standard Goth
dress - thrifted / tights - We Love Colors / shoes - Dansko / cardigan - Torrid (old)

Today's outfit caused me to rip off my acrylic nails. I lasted almost all day in these tights, before completely popping a hole through them with my nails. Argh. So now I have nasty thin brittle flimsy gross nails that'll need to grow out, because my super sweet acrylic pointy ones are horrible for tights. And probably for rollerskating, once I get up on my wheels again.

I've been cleared by the doctor to get back up and rolling! So now I'm just waiting for a new session to start, so I can get up and at 'em. Of course, I can always head out to a free skate or go outside if I wanted to. But it's so much nicer to skate in class, where I'm not dodging little kids, or outside with rocks and sticks and uneven ground.

Standard Goth

I love this black thrifted ruffle dress. I wear it probably close to once a week. Usually I can mix it up by pairing it with a different sweater, so this day, I wore my skull sweater that had been sitting in the bottom of my drawer for some time, not getting any love. It's a little small, but since my goal was just to get some upper arm coverage (I'm not crazy about the sleeve situation on this dress), it did the job.

I also figured that I'd better get back to wearing my tights before it gets too hot to wear them at all, now that my foot cast is off. Ugh, that thing was the worst. I wish that fate on no one, ever. At least gimme one that I can remove to get dressed, and to take a shower.

Standard Goth

Side note: I've really got to clean up the studio. Maybe you don't mind/notice it, but geez I've got stuff piled up everywhere. I think I'd like to get some nice baskets or bins to put on the shelves to make everything just a little bit more uniform-looking. There's probably a bunch of stuff I can get rid of, too. Good thing summer is coming and I'll have some TIME OFF! Woo hoo!

Standard Goth

Here's a close-up of the sweater, by the way. It's a really old cardigan from Torrid, I bought it right after Iggy was born, so about 2 years old. The sweaters from there don't exactly wear well, they pill up, and I've had to "shave" them in order to hang onto them just a little bit longer, if I care to keep them long enough to do so. I liked the design on this one enough to put up with it.

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