So, we did make it to C2E2 this past Sunday and it did not disappoint. Like I said, we were going to do a "Star Trek" theme and I had a blast dressing Gunnar up as a little Captain Kirk. We even brought a little "Khan" doll that we had and in true "Kirk" fashion he kept chucking him out of the stroller! us

The most fun about the convention, aside from buying super cool stuff (I bought Storm Trooper leggings that I cannot wait to wear!) is seeing all the crazy people in their elaborate costumes or some not so elaborate. I regret not taking a picture of the older, Asian man dressed as Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" but he did make me smile. Gunnar did like seeing the characters from "Frozen" but as you can see in the picture he did not want to "Build a snowman"...he was a booger! I enjoyed seeing this girl dressed as a female "Castiel" from "Supernatural". costumes

When you attend these conventions, many characters or writers appear for photographs or panels. I have yet to do that but I am good at sneaking pictures. I did get yelled at but I was able to grab a picture of Kristian Nairn who plays "Hodor" on "Game of Thrones". HODOR!

So we had an awesome day! I love that we can take Gunnar to these things and it will be even more awesome when we do not have to bring a stroller! I cannot wait till "Wizard World" in August. In the next picture you will see some of the items I grabbed. I love having new prints to hang on my wall! The "Mystique" print is from Tim Shumante, The "Maleficent" is from "Sugar Fueled", the pins are from "Planet Goboom", the "Frozen" card (for Gunnar)was done by Karen Hallion and the nail wraps are from "Espionage Cosmetics" prints!

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