Black Bean Brownies!

Black Bean Brownies!

So, as I have told you we have been dieting. It has been going pretty great as I am at the point where my body actually craves salads and other veggies. But I am human and like sweets, Shane especially likes sweets so I finally decided to give in and try this recipe for "Black Bean Brownies". I have read about these for a long time but even though I eat a lot of weird stuff the idea of beans in my brownies really freaked me out. Since I had all the ingredients and wanted to surprise Shane I got over my hang ups and baked them, I am really glad I did..they are FANTASTIC!

What you will need: 

  • 1 (15.5 ounce) can black beans, rinsed and drained
  • 3 eggs
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil or vegetable oil
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips

The recipe is easy, but you need a food processor. First you preheat your oven to 350 degrees and then grease an 8×8 pan. If you are fancy you have a "Magic Brownie Pan", like me! Place beans, eggs, chocolate, vanilla, cocoa powder, baking powder, salt, sugar and oil into the food processor and process until smooth. Pour into pan and bake for 30-35 minutes. Its a dump and mix kind of recipe! I did break up some chocolate chips and placed on top for extra chocolate goodness!
The Darkness

Here they are, ready for the oven. The beauty of this recipe is that they cool pretty quickly. When you make "real" brownies you should wait a couple of hours for them to set up before eating but these get ready quick. Added bonus is protein, they are gluten free, and about a little less than 120 calories per serving. Guilt free goodness!!
  Ready to bake!

Stay Sweet,
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Rockabilly Vintage Show Sneak Peek!

Hey there!
As you may already know, Jen and I are taking a break from Vintage Garage in June, but we’ll be back full force in July! If you are into Rockabilly décor and fashion, make sure to come out on July 20th for the Rockabilly & Tiki Show at Vintage Garage! I’ve been on the look out for kick ass vintage rockabilly and tiki stuff for a few months now! Here is a little sneak peek of some of the things I’ll be vending! Get em’ while they’re hot!!!

 photo Photo28_zps417cc081.jpg  photo Photo29_zps4f372dca.jpg  photo Dave_zps7917c15b.jpg  photo Photo30_zps59d0aa72.jpg
 photo Photo31_zpsc49fe938.jpg

Come out an see us in July and stay tuned for more fun rockabilly sneak peaks! We have panther planters, atomic TV lamps, and wiggle dresses! 

Until next time! 
~Steph @ Calamity Layne
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Standard Goth OOTD

Standard Goth
dress - thrifted / tights - We Love Colors / shoes - Dansko / cardigan - Torrid (old)

Today's outfit caused me to rip off my acrylic nails. I lasted almost all day in these tights, before completely popping a hole through them with my nails. Argh. So now I have nasty thin brittle flimsy gross nails that'll need to grow out, because my super sweet acrylic pointy ones are horrible for tights. And probably for rollerskating, once I get up on my wheels again.

I've been cleared by the doctor to get back up and rolling! So now I'm just waiting for a new session to start, so I can get up and at 'em. Of course, I can always head out to a free skate or go outside if I wanted to. But it's so much nicer to skate in class, where I'm not dodging little kids, or outside with rocks and sticks and uneven ground.

Standard Goth

I love this black thrifted ruffle dress. I wear it probably close to once a week. Usually I can mix it up by pairing it with a different sweater, so this day, I wore my skull sweater that had been sitting in the bottom of my drawer for some time, not getting any love. It's a little small, but since my goal was just to get some upper arm coverage (I'm not crazy about the sleeve situation on this dress), it did the job.

I also figured that I'd better get back to wearing my tights before it gets too hot to wear them at all, now that my foot cast is off. Ugh, that thing was the worst. I wish that fate on no one, ever. At least gimme one that I can remove to get dressed, and to take a shower.

Standard Goth

Side note: I've really got to clean up the studio. Maybe you don't mind/notice it, but geez I've got stuff piled up everywhere. I think I'd like to get some nice baskets or bins to put on the shelves to make everything just a little bit more uniform-looking. There's probably a bunch of stuff I can get rid of, too. Good thing summer is coming and I'll have some TIME OFF! Woo hoo!

Standard Goth

Here's a close-up of the sweater, by the way. It's a really old cardigan from Torrid, I bought it right after Iggy was born, so about 2 years old. The sweaters from there don't exactly wear well, they pill up, and I've had to "shave" them in order to hang onto them just a little bit longer, if I care to keep them long enough to do so. I liked the design on this one enough to put up with it.

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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Sandwich Board Sign DIY

Sandwich Board Sign DIY @ Betties N Brimstone

So, here's the latest in our DIY craft show/vendor booth/vintage fair/tent merchant series of items... a sandwich board sign! I made this little gem for Steph and I at the last Vintage Garage event that we were vendors at.

Every time we're at an event, we spend our down time brainstorming ideas for how to make our booth and our brand even better, and this sandwich board is our latest lightbulb. Here's what I did:

Sandwich Board Sign DIY @ Betties N Brimstone

I started out with two 1.5'x3' pieces of half-inch plywood (thanks Todd!) and I gave them a base coat of blue paint. I used chalk to sketch out a design for our sign graphics, and painted the design using acrylic paints. If you're not the artistic type, you can create a pretty amazing sign by using stencils, decals, or letter stickers. Have you seen all of the cool wall decals on Etsy lately? They'd make for some pretty cool signs!

Here are my final painted boards:

Sandwich Board Sign DIY @ Betties N Brimstone

To assemble these boards into the flat-folding sandwich board design, I used the following additional supplies:

Sandwich Board Sign DIY @ Betties N Brimstone

Because the screws for the hinges are a little too long for the boards as-is, the first thing that we did was to add some thin strips of wood to the top edge to increase the thickness of the sign in order to attach the hinges.

Sandwich Board Sign DIY @ Betties N Brimstone

After the strips have been glued, clamped, and dried, you're ready to attach the hinges. Todd measured and marked where the hinges were going to go, and then pre-drilled holes before screwing them in.

Sandwich Board Sign DIY @ Betties N Brimstone

The next step was to attach the eye hooks to the sides of the sign. We stood the sign up to measure how high up we'd like the eye hooks and chain to go. We also measured to see how long we should cut our lengths of chain, which keep the sign from opening up too far. Once the eye hooks and chain were attached, our sign is complete!

Sandwich Board Sign DIY @ Betties N Brimstone

Here is our sign, standing outdoors. You can see how it folds up nice and flat, which is great for hauling around in cars with bins, tents, and folding tables and chairs.

Sandwich Board Sign DIY @ Betties N Brimstone

...And here is our sign on display in our booth at Vintage Garage on May 18th! I thought it was a pretty cool way to greet visitors as they came into the space.

Vintage Garage Betties N Brimstone
Vintage Garage Betties N Brimstone

Above are some more photos from our booth. I loved mixing in Hell Razor flowers with Steph's vintage finds. We think that they pair so well together!

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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Beer Circus!

Lagunitas Beer Circus
This past Saturday I was lucky enough to attend the "Lagunitas Beer Circus". The Laguintas brewery is finally opening in June, but they had this event to get the place rolling. It is in Chicago and in the Pilsen neighborhood. First of all this place is MASSIVE, I mean HUGE...300,000-square-feet! Apparently it is now the largest brewery in Chicago, and beat out local favorite "Goose Island" in square footage. The premise of this event was for around $40 you were able to sample four beers, see several performances and have a good time. Also many local food trucks were there to keep you grounded. Costumes were encouraged, so I and my partner in crime, Cheryl went for it - but sadly, not as many people were dressed up. But that is ok, I still had a blast! Beer and performers
There were several stages set up for bands to perform, burlesque shows and the lovely ladies of the "Vau se vire society" that flew in the air by hoops or ropes which blew my mind. I mean I get excited that I can balance a ball during my Pilates classes but these girls..DAMN! Pretty amazing. tent
We did receive a cute cup that was a souvenir of the event to drink our beers in. You were able to choose from a wide selection of their tasty brews..I went for NightTime which is a new IPA, DayTime which is a lighter IPA, Sucks and my new favorite Cappuccino Stout. Food
Chicago Food trucks are multiplying by the minute and there were many here to choose from. Thought I was tempted to finally try the Tamale Spaceship, I opted for the Bridgeport Pasty ..I had a Veggie..."Veggie: Filled with chopped spinach and mushrooms and a little onion, held together with Gruyere (swiss-style) cheese and just enough Béchamel (cream sauce) to satisfy your taste buds. Pop-Eye, and all our veggie munchers, will love this one."-from their site. And right before leaving we had to get mini doughnuts from Beaver Doughnuts! If you live in the area you need to get to this event next year or check out the brewery when it officially opens in a few weeks.

Stay Sweet,
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Integrating Vintage Pieces into your Everyday Style

Hello all you hep cats and cool chicks! ;)
Today I'm going to show you how to incorporate vintage pieces into your everyday wardrobe! Selling vintage...I hear a lot of people say "Vintage looks cute on other people, but I would look like a grandma."If you are one of those people, listen up!!! It's all about perspective. Most people have no idea that the super cute vintage sweater you picked up at the flea market is VINTAGE...To them, it looks like a sweater. It's important to keep in mind that you don't have to wear vintage like you're wearing a costume.  Just have confidence in yourself and pick out pieces that you love! There are plenty of pieces that look fantastic and coordinate seamlessly with normal every day clothing.
If you take a look below, I will show you a few different outfits in "Hardcore Vintage" and then "Softcore Vintage" using some of the same pieces. Check it out! 

At the Office!
 photo AttheOfficeHCV_zpsbdfe3f04.jpg
For this outfit, I am wearing a vintage turquoise turtleneck, 50s yellow pencil skirt, and  a 50s beaded cardigan. I've paired it with a Kate Spade bag and modern pumps. Perfect for the vintage lover at the office!
 photo AttheOfficeSCV_zps52497dd3.jpg
I've paired the same cardigan with a modern skirt, camisole, and vintage pearls. You can start out with vintage accessories if you are more comfortable! ;)

Brunch with the Girls!
 photo BrunchHCV_zps684b5ac4.jpg
For this very vintage look, I've got on a late 60s sleeveless dress, vintage purse, and 60s yellow cardigan. I've also added a strand of long vintage costume pearls.
 photo Brunchscv_zpsb5eaefbd.jpg
To "normalize" this piece...I've just switched out the yellow cardigan for a modern similar colored cardigan and a modern handbag.

Weekend Stroll!
 photo WeekendStrollHCV_zps99ae04ca.jpg
For this one, I've put together a poly red, white and blue stripped tank from the 70s with a vintage navy aline skirt and straw clutch. Very simple...if you  wanted to get fancy, you could add a red belt!
 photo WeekendStrollSCV_zps36b7df69.jpg
I switched out the skirt for some jeans and added a linen cotton blend cardigan.

Date Night!
 photo DateNIGHTHCV_zpsc0960b35.jpg
This is a 50s silk wiggle dress....buy far the sexiest thing you can wear in my opinion. It hugs all of your curves without making you look like a hussy...Respectable and hot all at once. I've paired it with a vintage handbag and a Hell Razor hair flower!
 photo DatenightSCV_zps897532a6.jpg
Sometimes you can just add a vintage accessory like a jacket or fur in order to get the desired look. I kept the handbag and hair flower in this one, but added jeans, a new snazzy top, and a vintage quarter sleeved jacket with a fur collar.

Next time you're out vintage shopping, try and keep these ideas in mind! Think small and work your way up! ;)

Until Next time!

~Steph @ Calamity Layne
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My Banner Secret...

Low-Cost Banners

Last fall, I posted a DIY about creating a duct-tape banner for craft shows, which came out pretty freaking cool, but it's huge. When Steph and I vend together, she utilizes the vertical space really well, so we don't always have a whole wall to give up for the banner.

...enter my NEW, super-inexpensive, super easy banner solution: get one printed for less than $40! Heck yes! I use this website all the time, for my stickers, and for postcards (for work, and for our wedding save-the-dates): GotPrint.com

Low-Cost Banners

My favorite banner (the one pictured above, I've ordered two banners this size) is the 4 foot x 4 foot on 15 oz premium scrim vinyl matte. You can see from the screenshot that it's only $32!

Another secret: double-check your shipping prices! You'll notice above that it's actually CHEAPER to have it sent 2-day air for $8.57 than to have it sent via ground for $9.49!

Low-Cost Banners

I had one of these banners printed up for work with my art program's logo, and it was so cute at our art fair tent a few weeks ago! We sold artwork to raise money for the local food pantry.

Low-Cost Banners

Designing the banner was super simple. Because the banner is already a square, I just took the artwork from my stickers (also square), and layered my sticker image onto the template (provided on the GotPrint website). I stretched it to fit the 48x48" size, and it sized up beautifully - see below!

Low-Cost Banners

So, if DIY'ing a banner just seems like too much time and trouble, have someone else print it up for you for just a few bucks! Woo hoo!

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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T-Shirt and Jeans

T-shirt and jeans OOTD
t-shirt - Megan Lee Designs (B-day gift from Jessy!) / jeans - Torrid / boots - MooShoes / glasses - Coastal

So, I sucked this week at taking outfit posts. But on the plus side, I really enjoyed being back in the classroom and getting my room back. I get all these ideas when I'm out b/c of a student teacher, and it's nice to be able to hop back in and be excited to do stuff again.

So, this is me Friday at the end of the day when I was all, "oh crap, I'd better take some photos of something I wore this week, or I won't have anything to share next week!"

Luckily, this is an awesome t-shirt that Jessy gave me for my birthday, and I haven't been able to share it yet, so here you are.

T-shirt and jeans OOTD

It's a Megan Lee design, which is super cool - you've seen her work before on the blog here when I wore the catterwheel hoodie shirt, and even another time when I wore this dino shirt. So you know that this stuff is good.

T-shirt and jeans OOTD

Unicorns in leg warmers love to dance with yetis in ties. The more you know...

By the way, this is an XXL unisex t-shirt, but it's made in this supersoft charcoal grey vintage-y feel cotton, so it lays really nice. I'm a big fan. Must get more like this. (For reference, I'm like a size 16/18 in shirts, so should you choose to order something, feel free to use that as a guide.)

T-shirt and jeans OOTD

p.s. Jessy is famous because she is a model for Megan Lee's website, see here? Awesome.

T-shirt and jeans OOTD

I love these glasses. Lisa had the same pair and then she lost them in New York. Blasphemy!

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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Field Trip to Superdawg Drive-In!!!

 photo SuperDawgOrig1_zpsd5251c22.jpg
If you have never been to Superdawg you are MISSING OUT!!!!! It's getting warmer outside, so make it a priority to get yourselves out to one of their two locations. The original Superdawg location is at Devon, Nagle, and Milwaukee in Chicago (it's been there since 1948!) and there was a second location built in 2009 in Wheeling. Both are SUPER in their own way...as a matter of fact, I visited both in one night (if you think I'm crazy, you've obviously never had their Supersodas!) ;) I began my Drive-In buffet at the original location for dinner and then made the 11 mile adventure (via my car) to the Wheeling location for dessert!
 photo SuperDawgOrig6_zpsbe410584.jpg
I DO love the food and atmosphere, but I REALLY love the story behind the place. Superdawg was opened in May of 1948 by Maurie Berman and his wife and high school sweetheart Florence (Flaurie). She was a school teacher and he went to North Western to be a CPA so they wanted to open a business that they could operate during the summer months. Thus, Superdawg was born! Maurie designed the building and they named their restaurant & signature dish after the superheroes in the "new" comics that were coming out in the 40s. Even though Maurie received his CPA license in 1950, the couple continued to keep Superdawg up and began running the business year round! Another cool fact, Superdawg remains a family owned and operated today! You can read more about the history here! On to the food!
 photo SuperDawgOrig2_zps1158fe03.jpg
This is the original Superdawg on Milwaukee and Devon. It is on the corner and they're really worked well with the space they have, but it's not a large place. Superdawg is a drive-in and they still have car hops. I FREAKIN' LOVE IT! You just pull into your spot, pick out your food, and hit the button to order. They bring it out to you on a tray that hooks onto your car window (just like the old days!). I think I really enjoy the car hop idea because my grandpa used to take me to a similar place in Ohio when I was about 4 or 5 and it's one of my favorite memories. :)  photo SuperDawgOrig3_zps4fe646f9.jpgAnyway, I ordered a Superdawg with everything, fries, and a drink! Mmmmmmm......You can check out their menu HERE! My car hop (I feel horrible that I can't remember her name) was SO sweet and was very helpful and the food came out REALLY quick.
 photo SuperDawgorig4_zpsd23b3de2.jpg
This is how Superdawg comes out...The packaging on all of their products is great. The graphics are fun, interesting, and they go right along with the atmosphere and whimsy of the Superdawg experience. AND the food is TASTY!!!!
 photo SuperDawgorig5_zps98914004.jpg
Their secret recipe really keeps you coming back for more! They have a pretty extensive menu for a drive-in with veggie chips, fried onion chips, and a shrimp sandwich! I've gotta say, though....you CAN'T leave without trying dessert!!!! (Ok, I left and went to the one in Wheeling..but you get the idea!!!).
 photo SuperDawg23_zps947ac712.jpg
When you drive up to the Wheeling location you can INSTANTLY tell that you're going to have fun. It's HUGE. Much much larger than the Chicago location and they've done a great job of keeping the same fun, whimsy atmosphere. They play 50s music and it is kind of set off closer to the forest reserve, so you feel like you're in your own little drive-in bubble.  Ok, ok, time for dessert!
 photo SuperDawg2icecream_zpsef537622.jpg
I got a chocolate Supersoda...amazing. It's a 100% old school soda fountain favorite! It's basically chocolate, soda water and ice cream topped with real whipped cream a cherry and a chocolate wafer cookie....delicious. They had extra chocolate soda so they brought that out with it to pour over the ice cream when you start running low. SO GOOD!!!!! They have all of the soda fountain favorites and some brownie desserts that look fantastic.
 photo SuperDawg2_zps99b783f4.jpg
Seriously, make it a point to get to Superdawg soon! You won't be sorry!

The Original Superdawg:
6363 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60646
HOURS: Sunday-Thursday 11am-1am
Friday-Saturday 11am-2am

Superdawg Wheeling
333 S. Milwaukee Avenue, Wheeling, IL 60090
HOURS: Sunday-Thursday 11am-11pm
Friday-Saturday 11am-MidnightGo here for more info!

Until next time!
~Steph @ Calamity Layne
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