Speedy Cat Eye Tutorial

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Hello everyone!
If you have trouble getting your cat eyes straight, check out this cat eye tutorial for quick and easy cat eyes!

You will need:
Liquid eye liner
An eyebrow pencil and a nice skinny brush
Brow hi-lighter
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The biggest problem when applying cat eye liner is getting both eyes straight. The first step is to fill in your eyebrows with a brow pencil and make sure they're even. Then, apply a little brow hi-lighter in order to accentuate your brow bone. Next, take your liquid liner and (with the skinny brush) draw a straight line from the end of your lash line toward the tip of your brow. I used Urban Decay 24/7 because it had great staying power AND the brush is very easy to work with,  photo liner1_zps6b00fe2a.jpg
Now, reapply more liquid eyeliner to your brush, but make sure that there are no drips or excess liner. Draw another line starting from the inside of your eye to the bottom of your original line.
 photo liner2_zps008c1153.jpg
Connect the top of the first line to the bottom line with liquid liner (again, make sure you don't have any drips!). This will make a triangle at the outer edge of your eye (like the picture below).
 photo liner3_zps15429e7f.jpg
Next, fill in with more liquid liner and wait for it to dry before opening your eye completely. This will keep your liner from smudging and will keep your lines crisp. I like to use the cool setting on my hair dryer if I'm applying make up after the shower in the morning. Some liners dry faster than others so make sure to test them out at Sephora if you're worried about dry time. Top your lashes with some mascara for a little extra pizazz!   photo liner4_zps782e4c22.jpg
Congrats! You're all done and your lines should be straight and even! I like to do one eye at a time, but you can try these steps for both eyes at once and see what you prefer. As you perfect these basic steps, you can branch out and try different cat eye styles. Don't be afraid to get fancy, ladies!!!

Stay tuned until next time!
Steph @ Calamity Layne 

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