Auto Awesome

I wanted to share with you my favorite new technology trick that I learned a few weeks ago at a tech conference for work. Google+ has a neat-o feature called "Auto Awesome" that creates animated gifs from your photos anytime you take a series of at least 5 photos in succession.

Now, in order for this to work, you need to have a Google+ account. I recommend using the auto backup feature on Google+, which is a great way to automatically sync your photos to your Google+ account (all of your photos are private unless you set them as otherwise).

Auto Awesome

Above, you can see a screenshot of my auto backup: the very last thumbnail has a little icon with stars in the upper right hand corner. That's my Auto Awesome gif! I can click on it to view full size, and download it, share it... whatever I want!

This Auto Awesome gif was created from a series of photos of Iggy jumping on the couch to Leslie Hall's "#1 Cat in America," which he mis-hears and thinks is all about CAPTAIN America, so he gets really excited and "dances" (aka jumps on the couch) whenever it comes on.


Auto Awesome

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