Wish List 2013

BnB Holiday Wishlist 2013

It's really close to Christmas.  Basically, too close to safely do any internet gift shopping in time for the big day... but it doesn't stop me from browsing and window shopping and wishing.  Some of these items have been on my "wish list" for a while now, and are no longer available.  Others (the pistol hairdryer) I've never been able to find available... just mythical internet photos of it.
  1. Black and white striped bag, originally from TopShop, no longer available
  2. Pistol hairdryer, unknown
  3. Studded iPhone case, see similar here
  4. Wicked Step Scissors from Sublime Stitching
  5. Silver pencil sharpener ring, originally via The Worship Museum, no longer available?
  6. Vans pink & black checkered slippers from Zappos
  7. Lavender Hug Blythe Doll
  8. Eames sidechair in aqua sky from Design Within Reach
  9. Cupcake Provocateur Cherry-O apron
My real Christmas gift this year though is a new pair of skates!  They arrived last week, and I took them out for a first roll on the rink.  I'll be sharing them here real soon!

What did YOU ask Santa for this Christmas?

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