Vintage Cream and Sugar Sets

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Happy Friday! I hope everyone has all of their holiday shopping finished up. I can't believe it's almost Christmas, but I am excited to see all of our family and friends back home! On my last shopping trip, I cheated and went into my local thrift store to browse and decompress a little from standing in lines at World Market and Target.

On my trip, I found some awesome "new" stuff including the matching sugar bowl to my Laughlin Harlequin Fiestaware Creamer. I had gotten the creamer at a flea market for $10 and I found the bowl for .99 at the thrift store. it's in GREAT condition and I love the details on the handles of both pieces.

 photo Harliquincreamerandsugar_zps0c8afe25.jpg I've started a nice collection of vintage cream and sugar sets over the past few years. The funny thing is, I don't really ever use cream or sugar in my coffee.... BUT I love them. My mom started me out with this Turquoise set that goes with a set of my dishes.  photo MikasaEliteCalibou_zpse24ae149.jpg
These guys are part of the Mikasa Elite Calibou set from the 60s. I believe this set was from when Mikasa was still being imported from Japan. I use them primarily with the pieces on my Blue Heaven set I've found over the years.
 photo Sunshine60sset_zpsddc3abcc.jpg
I keep this set on my kitchen table because our kitchen is primarily vintage yellow, turquoise, and green. I think they look awesome with the lemons & mid century bowl as a centerpiece. I have absolutely no idea what set they go to. They don't have any brands or markings on the bottom that tell me a manufacturer etc..., but they are adorable and probably from the late 60s or early 70s.
 photo StarGlow_zps38b2b1a7.jpg
Last, but not least, I have my Star Glow set.  They're not much to look at alone, but they really look sharp next to the entire set. I'm so close to having a full Star Glow set. I'm still looking for salt and pepper shakers and the water pitcher, but other than that, I think I'm almost there!

If you're on the market for some cool vintage housewares, you should also check out our friends at Gypsy Mouse  and also, stay tuned to Calamity Layne for more cool vintage digs! We've got some big plans for the new year ahead!!!

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