Red Hot Lightning

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I present to you, my favorite new scarf, EVER.  Here's why:
  1. It's big.  Long, but also wide, so it bunches a lot.
  2. It has stripes in black.
  3. It is metallic and sparkly.
  4. It did not cost a lot, because it's Target. 
  5. It goes with pretty much anything.

So, I've discovered that this black lace dress from Target (I bought it sometime last winter, I think?) Is just about my favorite dress ever because I can wear it with a zillion different things and I like how the skirt lays.  Too bad that it's kind of worn and been washed a zillion times and it probably won't last much longer.  I hate when this happens, because then I have to try to find a replacement, and the new one is never quite as good.  This happened with my black and white striped 3/4 sleeve shirt, and a pair of wedge-heeled mary janes.  Ughhhhh.


Today I have a fun detail in the form of a pair of my derby socks that are peeking out from my boots.  They have red lightning bolts on them.  I realized this after I had gotten dressed and picked out the red sweater, so I decided to just go for it.  Sometimes I try to disguise my socks or fold them down, but today was hey, whatever.


I am always a little sad though that none of the students noticed or said anything about these socks, but it could also be that it didn't seem out of the ordinary to them.

I feel very comfortable in this outfit, because it feels very much like me: the red/black combo, the mostly black "goth" feel, the stripes, the combat boots, and the amount of coverage.  I kind of like feeling hidden and covered up sometimes.  Even the glasses kind of block my face and I think there's a certain level of comfort in that.  Is that weird?


I also thought I'd share a fun little crafty thing I tested out at school.  I rolled a giant leaf into a slab of clay, and pressed it into the inside of a bowl until it air-dried.  Then, I bisque-fired it, painted it with some turquoise glaze, and fired it again.  It made a nifty little decorative dish/bowl.


I'm trying to decide if it has any worth in the classroom if students make them (it's mostly a crafty "recipe," as opposed to a full art project), or if I'll just make a few for gifts or something like that.  Might be a neat fundraiser for our local charity.  I'll keep thinking.  You just enjoy.

Rock on,
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