DIY: Baby Socks Keepsake!

Baby Socks Keepsake DIY

So, I haven't posted about Iggy a lot lately, but he's going to be turning TWO in January.  Geez that went fast.  I remember how LONG my pregnancy felt, especially towards the end.  But everything after he was born went by fast.  In any case, I'm not wanting to go through any of that again right now.

My point is, Iggy is getting bigger.  And his baby things are having to go.  Take, for example, his little baby socks.  These aren't even the "first" little teeny tiny baby socks.  They're the one's he's been wearing for the last year or so, and they come in pretty cute designs.  So as I was weeding out the little guy socks in favor of newer/larger ones, I just couldn't bear to get rid of these two... something told me to just keep one of each, for sentimental reasons.  Ughhh I'm making myself wanna barf.  Too much sappy.  Old Jenny would have slapped me.  What's happened to me?!

So after saving two little baby socks: one with a star, and one with a dinosaur, I decided I'd better DO something with them and not become a creepy baby sock hoarder.  Thus, the framed baby sock keepsake.  Here's what you need:

Baby Socks Keepsake DIY
  1. A picture frame (I bought a big frame with an 8"x10" opening that included a double mat from Michaels - hey 40% off!)
  2. Background paper (a sheet of scrapbook paper/cardstock, 79 cents!)
  3. Double-stick tape
  4. Baby socks
You can, of course, adjust your sizes according to the number of socks you have.  Only one sock?  Try a 5"x7" opening.  Or you can go balls-out and frame a whole mess of socks in a really big frame.  Or just take them to Michaels and have them do the whole dang thing for you.  But why are you reading my DIY then?  Get out of here.

Baby Socks Keepsake DIY

My 12"x12" scrapbook paper had to be cut width-wise to about 11" so that it fit in the frame.  I picked green for my background because I knew my socks were blue and beige.  Pick something that contrasts.  Take your socks with you when you go to the store and hold them in front of the paper before you choose.  Have a friend help you decide, if you make poor choices on your own.  No excuses.

Baby Socks Keepsake DIY

I went really high-tech on this step, and stuck a bunch of double-stick tape on the back of the socks and pressed them into place on the background paper.  I suppose you could glue, or even do a tiny stitch to hold the socks in place.  But I was also counting on the glass and the frame to help sandwich and hold the socks in place.  DIY laziness at it's best.

The finished piece:

Baby Socks Keepsake DIY

Once I put it in the frame under glass I just get all kinds of lame glare and reflections, so I made a diptych of the socks before-and-after glass.  Now, I just need to find a good spot to hang it up!

This project could also be a good gift for a friend who does not think about stuff like this and you can covertly steal her kid's socks without being caught and having to try to convince her that you're not a creeper weirdo.

Think about it.

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