A Very Vintage Christmas

Happy Holidays, Everyone!
We've had a pretty eventful past few weeks at our house, but with all of the hustle and bustle that surrounds the holidays I still find decorating for Christmas relaxing. I thought I would share a few of my favorite things with all you vintage lovers out there! Check it out!
 photo BeginningPicTree_zps6f19f6bb.jpg

Grandma's Angels
 photo Angels_zps2f2dfac0.jpg
My first vintage treasures are my grandma's angels. They have been around since I can remember and I think they are from the 60s? I was lucky enough to inherit many of her Christmas decorations because I was the one who always helped her put them up each year. These lovely ladies were always on top of her tv with the nativity.

Rockin' Reindeer 
 photo Reindeer_zpsa7093c88.jpg
I have many many reindeer from multiple decades. My favorites are the stuffed colorful ones from the 50s (which...I am not showing in this picture?), but the white ones and gold ones are from the 60s and 70s. I set them all up on our piano in the living room this year and I like it!

 It's a Small World 
 photo SmallWorld_zpsc5a67292.jpg
Alright...there were my grandma's too...and yes...they're probably border-line offensive, but do you know how much offensive crap there is from the 40s and 50s!? Anyway, there were my grandma's too I paired them with her other 3 carolers all for the 50s and 60s.

Winter Wonderland
 photo Tree_zps9bc16e6d.jpg
This tree is another inherited piece and it goes along with a little skate pond and village that we used to set up and grandma's.

The Tree

 photo BeginningPicTree_zpscdb2d7b9.jpg photo ColorWheel_zps57d594ba.jpg I freakin' LOVE this tree. I bought it an an antique store for $119. It is in GREAT condition and is the perfect Christmas tree for us! photo Treecolors_zpsd2f5f41a.jpg

Old School Ornaments 
 photo Ornaments_zpscc1bd15a.jpg
I bought these at a few different antique stores as well. they're usually $2 - $4 a pop. The really old fancy ones can run pretty pricey so make sure your'e shopping around if you're in the market!

My 2013 Christmas Present
 photo PeggySue_zpsab0a94b2.jpg
Meet Peggy Sue! Our new 2 month old Beagle Puppy! :) She's my Christmas present this year.

Have a happy holiday season!!! I'll see you next week!

~Steph @ Calamity Layne
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