A Comfy Christmas...

OOTD @ Betties N Brimstone
socks - Betsey Johnson / boots - Target / leggings - Torrid / hoodie tunic - Megan Lee Designs

This is my OOTD from Christmas.  Notice my messy messy studio in the background... I decided to just go with it.  I hadn't done any outfit posts in a while, so I decided to stop slacking and get back on the horse.  Hey, considering I started 2013 with a goal of doing more outfit posts, I think I succeeded pretty gosh darn well, don't you?

OOTD @ Betties N Brimstone

My outfit was inspired by a desire to be really comfortable, and not going anywhere on Christmas day! I bought this Megan Lee long tunic hoodie at a Craft/Open House show in Berwyn in early December.  I'm a big fan of Megan Lee Designs for a while now, but I was always kind of sad that her woman's shirts stop at size XL, and are kind of "junior" - you know, small-ish in size, to start with.  But this hoodie is an XXL and is a unisex style, so on (short, plus-size) me it becomes an awesome tunic!  I didn't even see any in the shop, so I think that I just I lucked out in coming across this at the Open House.

...and yes, those ARE cats on my shirt.  Bonus!...

OOTD @ Betties N Brimstone

I had a really awesome Christmas day this year.  We stayed home!  Iggy opened up presents in the morning, and had time to hang out and play with them!  I made breakfast (soy-rizo and eggs), and we did a little bit of cleaning up around the house and re-charging for a family celebration on the 26th.  I finally had time to re-dye my hair:

OOTD @ Betties N Brimstone

Then, after Iggy went down for his afternoon nap, I took a long bath!  It was such a nice treat!

I bought myself a little gift this year from Circa Ceramics:

OOTD @ Betties N Brimstone

It's a small bowl, which I asked to have in bubblegum pink stripe, with the star decal.  The inside has a pink circle on the bottom, which is pretty darn cute!  I bought it specifically for the purpose you see here: an amplifier/speaker bowl for my phone!  Have you ever tried this?  Put your phone into a bowl when you're listening to music, and the sound is much louder!  What a great (and good-looking) solution for your desk - store your phone fashionably, and hear your music better!

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