Derby Lite Action Shots

Derby Lite Action Shot: Ronnie Maims Dio
photo via DTKindler Photography

...yep.  That's me.  My first reaction when I look at this is "I can't believe I actually DID this!"

But then another part of me is pretty gosh darn proud.  I've always liked roller skating, and I look forward to Tuesday nights like you wouldn't believe.  And I hatehatehate exercise.  Wait, multiply that by about 1000000000x.  I wish I wasn't so damn lazy.

But rollerskating is FUN.

Derby Lite Action Shot: Ronnie Maims Dio
photo via DTKindler Photography

If you haven't been reading along for a while, I skate with Derby Lite, which is a rollerskating/fitness class where we learn derby skills and drills.  I'm not on a league, and I don't play in bouts.  Maybe one day, but right now I'm trying to finish the beginner class (for the second time, since my first try was cut a little bit short...).

The awesome news is that I think I'm ready to move up to intermediates next round, and that makes me really excited.

So when we had the offer to have "action shots" taken of us skating, I was hesitant at first... not really looking forward to photos of myself in leggings and kneepads that give my legs their own muffin top... but then I told myself to just shut up and go for it.  And I'm glad that I did.

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