OOTD: Yellow Floral (+ new boots!)

OOTD @ Betties N Brimstone: Yellow Floral
dress - Forever 21+ / cardigan - Forever 21+ / boots - Torrid / leggings - Torrid / necklace - Cristina Beller

I don't think I've ever done an outfit post with this dress...? And I've owned it for a long time, in terms of dress lives.  I bought it right after Iggy was born, and I've washed it a bunch, and I'm pretty sure it's shrunken a bit, too.  But it still fits, and I spotted it in the closet, and I was all, "hey I don't think I've ever done pictures in this dress!"

Then I also forgot about this awesome gray sweater.  My favorite part about it is the length - a little longer than normal, which is perfect for dresses.  Then, the next best thing = studs.

OOTD @ Betties N Brimstone: Yellow Floral

I can remember that I picked out this dress (about a year and a half ago!) because it reminded me of a Betsey Johnson rose print.  Otherwise, I'm not typically a floral-y kind of girl.

OOTD @ Betties N Brimstone: Yellow Floral

Mixing a very feminine print with more industrial, hard-edged items (as in: grey, metal, old-timey) seems to make the whole outfit feel more like ME.  This necklace is a Cristina Beller creation; I bought it a long time ago, when she had jewelry for sale at Horrorbles, one of my favorite shops in Berwyn.

One day, I'd love to interview Cristina for the blog, since she's an awesome local (Chicago-area) handmade artist whose work I really enjoy!

OOTD @ Betties N Brimstone: Yellow Floral

Even my boots are grey and low-heeled, as opposed to a feminine, high-heel type of shoe.

OOTD @ Betties N Brimstone: Yellow Floral

I love these boots.  First of all, because they're gray, and I've been trying to find non-black boots that fit (along with black boots that fit) for a few years now.  I will live in boots this winter, and I enjoy having a few options, you know?

These boots have a tall PURPLE zipper up the back!  Yayy Torrid, you knocked it out of the park with these beauties!  I love how tall these boots are, too.  I'd been striking out the last few seasons, so it was amazing to find a pair of boots like these!

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