OOTD: Glasses Dress, Take Two

OOTD @ Betties N Brimstone: Glasses Dress Remixed
dress - Forever 21+ / tights - We Love Colors / boots - Target / cardigan - Forever 21+ / scarf - Torrid / earrings - Betsey Johnson / watch - Target

My eyeglasses print dress is probably one my my most favorite pieces in my closet right now.  I'd wear it all the time, but I start to worry about people being all, "hey there's that dress again..."

So today I tried to mix it up in a slightly different way.  I've got my eye out for a chunky reddish-orange cardigan to wear with this, but in the meantime, I paired my hot pink sweater and pink leopard-print scarf with the dress.  Mixing two prints like this could be risky and look weird, but I think it turned out pretty well!

OOTD @ Betties N Brimstone: Glasses Dress Remixed

I love these short boots from Target, so I put on some plain black tights and kept everything neutral on the bottom half, you know, since there's a lot going on up top.

OOTD @ Betties N Brimstone: Glasses Dress Remixed

Here, you can see my two versions of this outfit (so far - expect to see it again!).  Right now, looking at these photos, I think I prefer version one, but the weather was much chillier in this second version.  In that case, function kind of factors in a lot, too.

OOTD @ Betties N Brimstone: Glasses Dress Remixed

I think this dress mixes well with warm colors (the mustard yellow, hot pink, or even oranges) as an accent.

OOTD @ Betties N Brimstone: Glasses Dress Remixed

Today I wore some older Betsey Johnson heart earrings I've had stashed in my jewelry box, unworn for quite some time.  Every time I wear some older jewelry lately I think, "ooh I love this piece!" so I really need to keep digging around and re-wearing my older items.  And it's something that feels new, but is FREE.  So yayy!

OOTD @ Betties N Brimstone: Skulls Remixed

I don't think I've shown you my Target watch.  I bought it over the summer, right before school started back up.  I'd been admiring it for a while, and I almost bought it once earlier, but then held off.  I'm glad that I finally pulled the trigger, because I really love it.  I don't wear watches (or jewelry on my hands/wrists) very often, as I have to wash my hands and use the sinks at school a lot.  But sometimes I feel like putting up with the hassle.

Because, you know, fashion.

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