Influenster: Dr. Scholl's® For Her Active Series® Insoles

 Betties N Brimstone: Dr Scholls Review 
Please note: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

I was pretty stoked to be sent a pair of Dr. Scholl's Active Series insoles from Influenster, because they're marketed especially for conditions like plantar fasciitis, which I still suffer from occasionally since I was pregnant almost two years ago.  Sheesh.

So, you can imagine I was pretty excited to try these out to see if they help out at all.  I'd been using other insoles (specifically, Superfeet, which are about $40/pair), and I do like them... but I don't like the price so much.  Dr. Scholls are about half the price of my former brand, so if they work, why not go for it?

The other part that's kind of humorous about my story is that these insoles are designed for ATHLETES - you know, people that are all into exercise and crap like that.  Huh.  Not so much me.  I wish I liked exercise, I really do.  But I haven't had it happen yet.  Not that I don't ever do any kind of activity - I love skating at derby class - but I'm not one of those people that "like" to run.  In fact, when people gush about how much they love running, I roll my eyes and sigh.  I just truly don't get it.

So now you're thinking "well, why would you need insoles then if you're not going to try them out for being all active?" But I have a really good situation that would definitely give insoles a vigorous trial run: a rock concert.  Specifically, the kind of rock concert where you'd stand around for hours even before the show starts, and then stand all through the crappy opening band(s) and wait time in-between, just so you could be close enough to the action.

Wait, is she talking about a NIN concert?!


So, the night before, I put my spiffy new insoles into my combat boots (steel toe, to prevent jerks).

Here's how to use them:
  • Pull out the insole that came in your shoe (in my case, my old Superfeet).
  • Place it on top of Active Series® insole with the heels lined up and both topcloths facing up.
  • Trace along the toe area of your original insole onto Active Series™ insole.
  • Trim the toe area along the line (in my case, the old insoles lined up right at the "9" marker, so I just went with that).
  • Slip Active Series® insole into your shoe with fabric facing up.
  • Replace every 6 months or at first signs of wear.

 Betties N Brimstone: Dr Scholls Review  Betties N Brimstone: Dr Scholls Review

You don't even need to cut them all pretty in order for them to work.  Even a trained art teacher still cuts them a little jaggedy.  It's okay.

 Betties N Brimstone: Dr Scholls Review

Ta-da!  My new pink insoles in my well-worn and well-loved combat boots.  Interested? They're Para-Boots from Vegetarian Shoes.  Here's some more info on Dr. Scholl's Active Series from their website:
  • Reduces shock by 40%
  • Designed with Triple Zone Protection for your ball of foot, arch, and heel
  • Helps relieve and prevent pain from shin splints, runner's knee and plantar fasciitis
  • Helps reduce foot odor with SweatMax™ technology
  • Designed to support your foot while in motion
  • Resilient cushioning responds to your level of impact

Engineered with Triple Zone Protection:
Zone 1: Thick ball of foot helps distribute pressure throughout push-off
Zone 2: Unique arch design improves transition of weight from landing to push-off
Zone 3: Deep heel cup helps stabilize the heel while absorbing impact with every step

 Betties N Brimstone: Dr Scholls Review

So, here's how it went: I first put them on, and I noticed the cushiness of the new insoles, which was nice.  It's the foot equivalent of crawling into bed with new clean sheets.  I had my boots on all night, and stood for about 7-8 hours total.

At the end of the night, my feet were definitely aching, which is normal, but I didn't feel crippled in pain, which would have been the case sans insoles.  I seemed to recover from the evening fairly quickly, and I didn't notice any difference between these $20 insoles and my previous $40 ones, so I would most definitely recommend trying them out, and I would buy them in the future for my other shoes too!

If you do decide to buy yourself a pair, be sure to visit the website first, where there's a $4 off coupon!

Rock On,
Jen @ Hell Razor

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